Sound Disappeared On Alienware

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May 23, 2007
  1. Hello guy, I took my laptop to the technician and they open up my laptop and running the test and discovered that my laptop soundcard is not damage but the wire may be loosed so they tighten it up, to my amazed it work again but to find that the speaker onboard is working but not for the sockets (both mic and headphone), technician tried again but to the same result. (they literally shook their head)

    I took it home and reinstalled from Vista to XP pro hope it just a software conflict or whatever and then it work (both sockets and laptop speaker) but only for a short time cuz if I restart it, the sound just disappear again. My head is completely numb now cuz I can't think of how to fix this stupid laptop's sound of mine.

    Also I am curious why EVEREST displayed Intel 82801GBM ICH7-M - High Definition Audio Controller on my laptop but instead it said I'm using Realtek HD Audio? is that the issue to my laptop's sound disappearing?
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    I can't get it to register successfully, I've only know the Account Number but don't remember the account email... grrr
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    I tried all those but it didn't work, one thing change though the audio device did not disappear this time but there is no sound coming out either its speaker and headset. There' is creaking/weird noise coming out from speaker instead of music audio etc etc...

    The technician said it not the hardware but I'm sure it not the software, if either of those is not the issue then what cause the problem.
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