Sound doesn't work

By taylor08
Dec 14, 2008
  1. hello, ok my sound hasnt worked for a lond time and i was just finding out how to fix
    it so i go to device manager and a yellow ? is there no other file has 1 but this the file is called:

    video controller (VGA Compatible)

    Device status:

    The drivers for this device are not installed. (Code 28)

    To reinstall the drivers for this device, click Reinstall Driver.

    I click reinstall and install wizard comes up searches for the file and then says

    The hardware wan not installed because the wizard cannot find the necessary software.

    any things you think i could do to fix this??? i have not had sound for like 6 month but it has to started to get on my nervs lol >=(
  2. Klaymore

    Klaymore TS Rookie

    umm is your audio motherboard based, or a soundcard. video has nothing to do with sound in the drivers. what i mean by motherboard based is this : does it come off of a little connector attached to the mottherboard, or a custom installed soundcard in a PCI slot?? if its motherboard, go into your BIOS setup, and find "ONBOARD AUDIO", make sure it is enabled. If it a soound card, make sure it is disabled. The next thing to do if motherboard based is to search for the motherboards drivers (i find easiest way is tto check out the computers maker, and check their website). Also, if in you control panel ->Sounds and devivces, it sows no audio device, then find your motherboard specs and give them to us. Lavalyst's Everest is a good program for this.
  3. taylor08

    taylor08 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thats what it says on my audio settings No Audio Devices
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