SpaceX's first lunar tourist is accepting crewmate applications

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Why it matters: SpaceX’s first private flight is scheduled for later this year, but it won’t be until 2023 at the earliest that the company will conduct the first civilian lunar mission. When it happens,

Back in 2018, Japanese entrepreneur Yusaku Maezawa purchased the opportunity to take a week-long trip around the Moon. He also bought all the other seats on the flight, and has had plenty of time to think about who he wants to join him on the historic voyage.

Originally, Maezawa wanted artists to accompany him on the flight, hoping the trip would inspire them to create something special once they returned. Then, the idea of hosting a matchmaking documentary to help him find a girlfriend to take into space was floated, but those plans were called off back in January.

Now, it seems Maezawa has settled on a less controversial process to help select his crewmates.

The entrepreneur is recruiting eight participants from all around the world to join him on the flight. As it stands, there are two key criteria that potential crew members must meet. First, Maezawa said that “whatever activity you are into, by going to space, I hope that you can push its envelope.” Secondly, he insists that applicants be willing to support other crew members who share similar aspirations.

Interested parties are encouraged to pre-register over on the dearMoon website. You’ve got until March 14 to get your name in the hat.

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So, if I go can my cats sneak on as stowaways or do I need to register them too? I mean with all that cheese up there they know there HAS to be some great mice ......


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Would be great to capture the whole process, so I've signed up. Not that I will get selected but damn the "cinematic" shots would be juicy AF. Fingers crossed. If I die, well, oh well...


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Unfortunately, Space-X blew up one example of what was ostensibly intended to become the delivery vehicle for these "tours".



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My worry is that I'll get into space easily enough, but won't get back! I'd rather they were offering settlements on Mars frankly, I need to get off this sh!thole of a planet.
I think you could convince Donald Trump to go with you, if you told him he could build a Hotel, a golf course, and be "king of mars".