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Speaker static problem on Vista using Realtek HD Audio

By Dan85
Sep 3, 2010
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  1. Hey everyone. First time poster with a problem that has really got me stumped.
    Had a look around on line & it seems to be quite a common issue but have been unable to find a fix that works for me :-(

    I'm running Vista 32bit on a Toshiba Satellite A210 laptop and for the past few days my speakers have been emitting a strange static/white noise buzzing that is driving me insane. It sounds similar to the static received when tuning a radio & gets worse as I increase the volume, there is also often a weird high pitched squeal thrown in there too.
    Now when I plug headphones in I still hear this static so obviously the speakers are not blown. It seems to get worse anytime a system sound plays or i try to listen to music, watch videos etc. I can still hear the music/system sounds etc behind the static but they often sound garbled, not ideal for watching movies etc!

    I've uninstalled & reinstalled my Realtek HD Audio drivers numerous times, all with no result. I also heard mutterings that this may conflict with my graphics card? Worth uninstalling my ATI Radeon card you think? Although this has not been a problem in the prior 2 years that i've had this machine....

    Worryingly, I reformatted & reset my laptop to factory settings to try & resolve this yet it made no difference at all which leads me to think it's some kind of hardware problem or bad connection inside the machine? Although i've not knocked or dropped the machine to cause anything to come loose. Interestingly it also started getting worse a few days ago when my laptop power cable was playing up & I had to keep wiggling it in the power jack in order to receive power from the mains. I now have a new power cable but still the same static persists. Possibly a grounding issue inside the machine?

    Would appreciate any tips or advice. Apologies if you've come across this problem hundreds of times before! It's driving me mad though & i'd quite like to listen to music on my laptop again! Thanks...

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