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Jul 16, 2016
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  1. My PC used to constantly BSOD with varying messages but it seems that I've fixed that issue. As of now, my PC will constantly restart. It can go 5 hours without crashing or 5 minutes. It is truly random. I would include a minidump of the files but my whole hotbar at the bottom of my desktop (windows button, search bar, sound and internet buttons) all do not work so it makes it a very difficult task to try and find files without a way to search for them. I have tried system restoring which usually fixes it but it will eventually revert to this stage its at now. Any help is appreciated :D
  2. Cycloid Torus

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    If you haven't turned off 'automatic restart on error', you may wish to do so as it might give you a chance to see any error report. Likewise, look in Event Viewer for any pattern. Truly random is terrible difficult...next step - overnight run testing memory (memtest86).
  3. Chan Martin

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    Crashes are getting more and more prevalent as the days go by so I decided to wipe the PC because there isn't much on it anyway. I was doing it through the "reset this PC" option on the blue screen but I also have a disk. When I reset through the blue screen, the computer crashes and I get put to the login screen with no progress or sign of any attempted reset. My Windows button and whole lower toolbar doesn't work (I have no idea why, but maybe this is the problem.) so whenever I go into safemode to reset with the disk, it crashes with an error that a toolbar wasn't found or something like that. So I guess my ultimate question is, how can I reset my PC with the disk without it crashing? Is there a hotkey that navigates you to the CD? Thanks in advance.
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    Chan, to begin with I have no idea what is in your system. If it is under warranty, I would contact those folks and work with them. If not under warranty, I think you have a hardware problem of some type, but I cannot tell without more information.

    Follow http://www.computerhope.com/issues/ch000700.htm. Share what you learn.

    Error codes, beep codes, recurring errors - any of these will help us understand what is happening. However, if it is under warranty, I strongly suggest you work with the vendor/manufacturer.
  5. Chan Martin

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    So my computer has always had BSOD problems and crashing. I have tried many things and just yesterday I was going to send it in to the company for repair under warranty. While on the phone with them, they suggested that I give the whole computer a reset one last time. After I reset it, it was good for about two days until it crashes randomly. No BSOD, just reboot. Can someone analyze these dmp files? thanks!

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    Well, after taking a look at the dmp provided, it seems that it's a hardware related error. However, the hardware in question isn't very obvious. Is any of your hardware overlocked, overheating or very aged? Have you recently added new hardware?
  7. Chan Martin

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    No I do not overclock any of my hardware. The PC and all of its hardware is 6 months old and in very good condition. The computer is still under warranty so I guess my best bet is to send it in for repair. Thanks for all your help guys!
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