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Apr 10, 2007
  1. Open to any and all suddestions for building my own gaming PC. Not looking to spend alienware type$$, just enough for a high power end PC. Intel fan!

    Update: Intel core 2 duo 2.66 gigz,EVGA GTX8800 Nvidia 768MB SLI not try to spend more then 600$ on a video card. Looking for suggestions on SLI memory and a nice case, preferably water cooled with or seperate PSU. Also for Monitor, sound card, HDD and anything else. Thanks :D

    Estimate no more than $2000 excluding graphics card and mobo which prob going to be a G.
  2. wolfram

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    How much $$$ exactly?
  3. CMH

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    Always state budget. There's no real specification for a gaming PC, just means that you're gonna use the PC to game. Which means you're gonna spend more on graphics cards than anything else.

    We can be suggesting anything from the 7300gt to the latest 8800gtx without a budget. Maybe even 8800gtx SLI....
  4. Mictlantecuhtli

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    I'd say it depends on the monitor.

    For example, I got myself a GeForce 7900GS because I play games only at 1280x720 (not any higher), so I didn't really see a point wasting money on faster graphics cards. Of course they could run my games some frames per second faster than this, but I wouldn't see the difference anyhow.
  5. Myzz617

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    I hear you. The actual FPS lol (not first person shooter) is related to your screen display resolution *1280x720* and the refresh rate your monitor is set @ 60hz etc. Depending on all of that determines your preference. Myself, really do not dispute this of monitors but dual monitors sounds lovely since I have not began to play any PC games oline seriously enough. Cant believe everything you hear but a tech specialist who has his C+ certifications relates that the human eye cannot tell the exact difference in FPS, that it is limited but anywayz, Dual monitor suggestions with no ridiculous price
  6. CMH

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    I think the graphics card you're going to get should support dual monitors, so thats not going to be a problem.

    If you're asking about which monitors are best for dual monitor setup, its your own personal pref, most monitors have very little difference between them, and just get 2.
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