System shuts down for no apparent reason

By tazzman41 ยท 6 replies
Aug 29, 2006
  1. Hey all can any one tell me what is going on with my copnuter.

    1st of all it started a week ago shuting it self off in middle of a game or windows loading up. So i redid my windows and it still does it. I got to wondering if my agp card was going bad so i took it out and still does the shutting off i installed all of the new drivers for it also. i have also been thinking it is the power supply i have a 300 watt it is about 6 months old. I have my monitor on the onboard vidoe card.

    I'm using

    AMD sempron 2800
    756 meg of ram
    ati radeon agp video card 128 meg
    on board sound
    usb dsl
    usb cordless keyboard and mouse
  2. Tmagic650

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    Help! Help!

    Ok tazzman41,
    you redid windows? Did you reinstall Windows or repair Windows? Which Windows? XP? Did you build the computer yourself? Are you running off on-board video, or an AGP socket card?

    Open the computer case and make sure all the power cables are seated and the fans are clean and operating. You might want to remove the CPU heatsink/fan and reapply some heatsink compount between the CPU and it's heatsink/fan...

    This could be a memory problem too. You haven't changed any bios settings lately have you?
  3. tazzman41

    tazzman41 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hey tmagic

    It is windows xp professional
    yea i built it myself a year ago had to replace the power supply about 6 months ago and put a new one in of 300 watts then.

    Today after i posted that message i went got a new power supply 400 watts and another fan to put into my case. Right now I'am running a temp of 49c for cpu and running 39c for the system.

    I haven't put my agp card back in yet. waiting to see if it works without a problem.
    with my old power supply when you click the button on the back it would make the noise like it turned off but when you push it to click on it was real quiet. But with the new power supply it makes the click noise both ways.

    hey you can add me to yahoo if you have it my name is roaddog3665 on it.

  4. joked u 2

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    are the 2 sticks of ram have the same speed? [ie pc 3200]
  5. tazzman41

    tazzman41 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    yep. I think i have it fixed now, i went and got a new power supply and another fan to put in the case.

  6. joked u 2

    joked u 2 TS Rookie Posts: 128

    sweet good show!!
  7. Didou

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    Please use proper thread titles from now on.
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