The FBI slams smartphone encryption because there's no backdoor


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FBI Director James Comey has, unsurprisingly, come out and slammed Apple, Google and other tech companies for offering encryption on devices such as smartphones. Comey said he was "very concerned" about strengthened encryption in mobile OSes, saying it could work...

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You know what this leads to right?

There is always a way to get the data. Now the government will put out popular apps that need your wifi, location, contacts, etc. and the people will (mostly) blindly install them just like their games that also (for some reason) require your contacts list.

If that doesn't work (which it wouldn't once the list came out and became known which were government apps) then we just put up public surveillance everywhere (I.e., cameras on every corner).

Only only time will tell... but I'm very sure that they will get their data if they want it.


Glad to see the big boys standing up to the Feds, however brief that stand might ultimately turn out to be. Privacy trumps delusions of security.


I don't get it, the FBI are like kids. Think of all this tech we now have that kids take for granted, and you take away the internet and its like removing a limb.
The FBI hate actually doing a job. Hell the police around here don't like doing their jobs. We actually have news articles in the UK, how to help police. Apart from apprehending the suspects yourself you are meant to do the rest of the leg work, as the police are too busy...
Well Mr Fedup Bureau of Iwouldrathersitonmyass. Do some work. If you maybe took out some of your bribe taking government officials who sell weapons to the wrong countries for a quick buck, you wouldn't have much to worry about over the ponds.
You hypocrites.<3
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When will the FBI realise that the people we are trying to protect ourselves from are them, Not terrorists.


This is after the supreme court had to rule they needed a warrant to search a cell phone, before, some law enforcement did that with out a warrant.


They definitely just want people to think they're safe, I guarantee there are backdoors. If you have an important private discussion, leave your phone at home, put on your boots and go into the woods. Even then if you're actually a high profile individual, it won't be long before you're followed by mosquito sized drones. ;)


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Well if they have reason to suspect someone, why don't they just bash down the suspects door and belt the password out of them? That's usually their style isn't it?


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There has always been an unbreakable link in law enforcement - the bird that will not talk no matter what. This is another such bird.

What I do not understand is their take that "because it might help us in some cases, everyone needs to have it stance." As I see it, this stance is draconian.

I see this going to SCTOUS and with the right-leaning powers such as they are, it being ruled illegal.


Smoke and mirrors
google apple and such are all puppets of the government
they just trying to make it look like its safe to trust those companies again and trust your phone with your data


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Putting others' interests before your own, now there is a novel concept. If this is really what they are doing they will start to learn what it means to truly serve.


The government has abused its privileges and they use the hammer of "terrorists" to spread fear to all citizens to maintain control. If only the government was truly for the people by the people.


The only backdoor the FBI need to know about is the hole in their a55es so that they can stick there heads up there!


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However in the wake of widespread government surveillance and increasingly serious privacy breaches by people with malicious intent, it looks like tech companies will continue to close down ways to access private data, even if that means shutting off access from law enforcement agencies.
"Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for dinner." - Ben Franklin

We as a majority will always choose privacy over the FBI having the means, even with a court order, to gain access to our private information. And it will always be that way because the majority of us will never be the victim of a terrible crime.

But how much peace of mind in the general population does it take to justify the pain that just one victim would experience in something like an amber alert or a terror attack? I guess it doesn't really matter... we can just hope it happens to someone else. This is one of the reasons why America leads the civilized world in per capita prison sentences. It's one of the things that makes us great, but let's not kid ourselves about the downside.


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Thats the point of encryption so only who has the key can ascess the safe these people dont care whats right or about you they just want more power.
The government has abused its privileges and they use the hammer of "terrorists" to spread fear to all citizens to maintain control. If only the government was truly for the people by the people.
Yep I totally agree with that statement