This assisted reading device could one day eliminate the need for braille

Shawn Knight

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A handful of researchers at MIT's Media Labs are working on a device capable of helping visually impaired and blind individuals read without the need for Braille. The FingerReader is equipped with a small camera that scans printed text and...

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isn’t exactly the most attractive gadget either

Call me crazy, but I doubt too many blind people will care what it looks like.
also, I doubt every blind person will restrict himself to one mode of 'reading' or entertainment.
I love electronic files like Microsoft word, adobe pdf, e-books, e-comics but I can't get myself to give up on physical copies.
for my reading needs, I still buy a monthly tech magazine, or cheap paperback books, or daily newspaper in a nearby city.


What is still not clear to me: how does the device know if you are on the correct line?
Will it be able to tell if the users skips a line by accident or went a line above the one just read?
This seems to have been demonstrated by someone that is not blind as they followed the line so perfectly.
It is sad but, blindingly obvious that many sighted people (including the media) have absolutely no idea about Braille and the reading habbits of Braille users. I love reading and I prefer to use Braille; just like some people prefer reading text with their eyes instead of listening to it being read out to them. I absolutely love technology but, I would not exchange my ability to read Braille for anything. In fact, I am reading this web site using Braille.