unstable behavior/restarting

By rowan000
Nov 4, 2004
  1. Hey,

    Having some annoying problems with my system. Basically doing heavy cpu operations (i.e. dvd ripping ect) or playing games, results in my computer either simply restarting itself or freezing.


    amd 3000+
    256 geforce 6800.

    I'm pretty sure this started happening since I installed the graphics card, which creates a lot of heat, but I'm not sure; I've only recently really starting using the machine myself.
    Lowering the cpu to 1.3gh, everything is fine. running it at anything above that leads the cpu temperature to go above 60 and into the 74 range.
    I'm hopefull that this is a heat problem, rather than something wrong with my cpu.
    What do you recommend me doing?
    new fans? (my current cpu appears fine and runs at a steady 2250rpm)
    internal case fan?



  2. Liquidlen

    Liquidlen TechSpot Paladin Posts: 1,094

    Although the fan is important ,it's ability to cool your CPU is directly related to the type of Heatsink that is installed.In other words you could put your fan on a preminum Zalman(for example) and the CPU would be cooler.
    I am an Intel man ,and those temps would be too high.However I know AMD's run hotter.

    Are these temps the same or close to where they were before you upgraded the Vid card, and your system was stable?
    If so you may need to look at ,drivers,bios settings,etc for that card .
    If the temp is higher after the card install,maybe look at a heatsink upgrade, or at least case fans.

    You really don't want to run that machine at a lower rate, especially with games and media authoring software.That 3000 should run over 2.1 Ghz
  3. senser

    senser TS Rookie

    What type of power supply do you have in there? Could be a low voltage issue or heat.
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