USB ports suddenly stopped working!!


Have you ever encountered USB problems which u ended up spending money fixing?

  1. Yes, always

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  2. Yes, but most of the time I fix it myself, easy!

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  4. these kinda problems nvr happened to me before =]

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By blindcat
Jun 23, 2007
  1. just few days ago my printer and webcam and iPod connected and worked perfectly fine. Suddenly non of them work anymore!

    When i turn on my printer a msg pops up syaing "Unknown Device Not Recognized", same thing happens when i attempt using my webcam and plug in my iPod. But the thing is, my camera works! When i connected my Sony Digital camera to uploaded pictres, it worked! and it still works.

    So why is it that my camera's the only device that will conenct to my computer?

    Windows XP
  2. raybay

    raybay TS Evangelist Posts: 7,241   +10

    Tell us the brand and model of computer, whether a desktop or a laptop, and the location of the usb ports... whether front or back, or whether we are talking about a powered external hub, or a multimedia box in the middle of the computer which has a 9 in 1, 15 in 1, or similar memory card reader with USB ports.
    Are the USB ports built into the case, or on a pci card slot on the back of the computer.
    Generally, USB ports do not fail. There are a few times when they do because any electronics made with chips, thyristors, and printed circuits can fail. But USB ports are among the most rare of failures... except when you are using multiports.
    On inexpensive USB connections, they all share one connector... If you have four or five ports on one connector to the motherboard, then those in use will reduce the power that is accessible on lower quality units.
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