USB stopped working

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Feb 26, 2010
  1. I have a Biostar 6100-M9....i have read on the forum already regarding this subjuect, but none of that has helpped me, i have deleted them from device manager and reinstaled the drivers. they stil dont work. also i know its getting power cause i have my 360 controler plugged in and the lights are blinking, but windows 7 isnt picking it up.
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    are they an onboard USB, or front panel ones,

    Onboard ones can go defective,
    front panel ones may not be wired up correctly inside.

    Is your board W7 compatible.
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    thanks for the reply, well they were working , than like over night they stopped. it was weird, the back ones are on board, the front wired and they all went at the same time. not sure if the mother board is W7 compatible or not.
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    wot qaustion?

    Don't mean to rub your nose in it but I think someone took some time to answer your query and you 'stiffed' them a question in reply.....why?:confused:
    is it because you don't want an answer :rolleyes: the more information you provide in your post the more we are able to do want some help I assume? ;)

    USB connections are HOT connectible - meaning that when you plug a USB into the socket Windows searches / finds drivers for it and loads them
    however USB connections are not HOT dis-connectible - meaning that you must always use the Micro soft disconnect tool ( you can fragment and destroy flash drives this way! ) to disconnect the device your driving through the USB connector! OR shut down Windows first!
    PnP = Plug and Prey
    Edit 1 Check your BIOS settings
    Edit 2 the specifications for your board do not list Windows 7 as a supported OS (assuming USA market specifications)
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    lockdown1253 TS Rookie Topic Starter not trying to be an *** or anything i came to this forum cause i dont know much about computers. so excuse me if i come off that way.
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