User Account Problems?

By Zerozx
Apr 17, 2008
  1. Today, I got home from school...and my dad asked me if I could try to fix the computer...apparently he was just surfing the web, the internet disconnected, and wouldn't connect...and then he said a warning popped up, but he can't remember exactly what it said, but it said something about the administrator?...and that's me.
    We share a family computer....MY user login is completely normal...his, on the other hand, is messed's almost like it was halfway set back to factory defaults?... The programs are still on there...but i'm not sure if they open or not. I'm afraid to mess with any of it. I tried opening up Internet Explorer on his name, and it acts as if we had just installed it. It asks set-up questions...His pictures (Didn't have many in the first place) the pictures file, music, gone. I don't see it. I also tried messing with some settings...but...They didn't change? I'm guessing he got a virus and is automatically changing settings...and also won't let US change any.
    I checked Norton Antivirus history...and it said something about qttask.exe and realsched.exe had made a total of about 700 changes to the settings...that's his account apparently. I have no idea what happend, or how it happend.

    On my other thread, I attached a log from an older version of hijackthis...
    here is a NEWER attachment log. sorry...
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    Deleting to move repy.
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    This is a duplicate post, thats why it was left.
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    I'm trying to delete this reply and post it on the original of the three threads!
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