Videgames now Choppy, Skippy using almost new Laptop

By scipio · 8 replies
Dec 14, 2007
  1. Hello, I have a problem. My videocard is going crazy. All the Videogames I play are choppy and skippy for some reason. Yet the one game where it works fine is RTCW-Return to Castle Wolfenstein. I performed a clean install of windows xp, but the problem persists, which makes me think its not a software problem, but a hardware one. I'm a bit short on cash, and don't want to buy a new videocard for my laptop, but all options are open.

    I have the Asus F3JP, upgraded to 2 GB of RAM, and working perfectly except for videogames. I bought it this January. Any information to help will be given, thanks so much for your help!
  2. Tmagic650

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    As a general rule, laptops don't have interchangeable video cards. They have on-board motherboard graphics chips. If you want to upgrade graphics, you have to change motherboards. This is very expensive and not practical to do
  3. Daveskater

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    When you reinstalled Windows, did you install your graphics drivers again?
  4. Blind Dragon

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    Chipset drivers, Graphics drivers, Update DirectX - usual suspects

    have you trying going to run and typing in dxdiag to see if you can pass the 3D rendering tests under graphics
  5. scipio

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    Yeah, I have. It turns out that the exact same thing happens with both directdraw and direct3d. I actually did a clean reinstall of windows xp, and the problem was still there, after updating my drivers with the ones given to me by asus on the preinstallation cd.
  6. pdyckman@comcas

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    Generally, laptops are not for gaming. 'Desktop replacements' are expensive. If you want to make gaming a hobby, look for a used desktop with a decent CPU and room for a good amount of ram. Many P.C.'s go cheaply. Make sure there';s a PCI-E slot and gradually build it up. Good Luck.
  7. Daveskater

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    Go to the ATI website and download drivers from there and install those ones, after uninstalling the old ones first. Drivers from cd's are always outdated unless it's a brand new card, hot from the factory ;)

    pdyckman@comcas is right, though, laptops aren't generally designed for gaming unless you have something like a Dell XPS.
  8. scipio

    scipio TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks guys; apparently I needed to update my drivers to 7.9(7.11 don't work), and now CoD 4 is working smoothly.

    Yeah, many people have told me it was a bad decision on my part to get a gaming laptop. That's ok, I was planning on only playing videogames on the pc for a couple more years anyway, then jumping on the console bandwagon.:)
  9. Blind Dragon

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    glad it works, if you run into the same failures in the future I would recommend going back to 7.7
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