Video card, Processor overheating problems.

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Sep 14, 2005
  1. How can you tell which device is the one causing the problem, the CPU temp runs at about 84F, the processor fan rans at about 4300rpm to 4500rpm, Not to sure about the temp of the video card, GeForce FX5200 TDR128, there are times that the computer will work without any issues, then there are times when all it will do is restart uncontrollably, it's gotton so bad that when I'm not using the computer I unplug it, where as before I would just let it go into sleep mode. and as I mentioned I changed the processor fan, and even added two fans to the case. so as of now there are a total of 6 fans in the box, this does not seem to make a differnce to the total system temp stays at 84F all the time. but either way I would like to get this issue out of the way. here are any other computer specs that may help.

    Mainboard Manufacturer MSI
    Mainboard Model Name MS-6738
    Mainboard BIOS Vendor Phoenix-Award
    Mainboard BIOS Version 1.30
    Software spec's
    OS Windows XP service pack 2
    Version 2002
    processor AMD Duron(tm)
    processor speed 1.30GHz
    Ram 384MB
    Video card GeForce FX5200 TDR128

    Video card Manufacturer Nvidia
  2. chaz d.

    chaz d. TS Rookie Posts: 35


    Well, first of all, if your cpu is running at 84F (28C) it is NOT your cpu. Dangerous temps are around 55-65C your cpu is actually at a great temp. Mine runs at around 35/36C idle, and 43/44C with a full again, it doesnt sound like its the cpu.
    Six fans are a little redundant. Dependant on the way you have them facing, it could possibly do more harm than good, trapping the hot air inside the case. It is best when you have a nice balance between intake and exhaust (i.e. in through the front, out through the back)
    Also, there are many factors that can cause over heating in general. Location of the tower is one. If youve got your computer right next to a heating vent and a fire place, thats probably NOT the best place. Also, dust will destroy a computer and could possibly cause temp problems. Open up the case, and get some air duster. If you havnt cleaned it for a while, it will be BAD. Make sure your computer is completely off, and all power supply is inactive, then dust that baby clean, and watch it all fly over your room. This might help. Finally, check the direction your fans are blowing in, as you may have made a mistake installing them. Sometimes it is hard to tell which way they are blowing....remember, cold air sucked in through the front to run over your hot parts, and a nice exhaust blowing it out the back. Smoking is also bad to do around your comp, it messes with electronic equipment.
    Now, there are many different products that can help you with cooling. If you are thinking it might be the video card, there are such things as PCI fans. They use up a pci slot, and sit right under your card, they are kinda cool. Also, I would suggest browsing around They have a whole bunch of unique cooling hardware.
    If all else fails, it might be time to go with a water cooling system. Not only will it silence your computer, which by now probably sounds like a fog horn, but it will also GREATLY reduce all hardware temps.
    One more that ive already said a million things about cooling and cleaning...are you sure its an over heating issue? Contant restarting could be the result of bad or defective RAM. It looks like youve got a 256 and a 128 chip in there. Did you just recently try and add an extra chip? Ill wait for your reply before i start making suggestions about bad RAM, as there are many solutions.
    Hope this helps a little.

    Chaz D.
  3. Jwdmgj101

    Jwdmgj101 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 16


    Sorry it took so long for me to reply. Ok well heres the answers to your questions, I meant was the tower it's self, Now with the fans I have the front fans bringing air in, and two big fans taking air out, well that's the funny part about all this, there are times that I can't get it to stay on long enough for windows to load. And I had heard from some one here that it may possibly be the processor is getting to hot or the fan on the video card it not working like should be. I'm just about sure that it has something to do with the video card, the RAM are the same sticks that I have had for going on 7mos now. They worked just fine before. I have not changed them around or moved them. Nor have I tried to add more. Although I would not doubt that one of the sticks have went bad. Murphy’s law , “If it can go wrong it will“. Now as far as cleaning is concerned I know that’s not an issue. I try to keep it clean.
  4. Jwdmgj101

    Jwdmgj101 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 16

    well I think I have the fix

    For the processor temp I got some software from MSI that can cool the processor down it keeps it a about 55F (11C), now I guess that I'm just going to have to see if that works. if not then it's back to the drawing board. oh yeah one more question, you know the paste that's in between the heatsink and the processor? whats the stuff called, how to I get some, and how important is it, mine still has some on it but it seems like it's been there FOREVER. thanks again
  5. chaz d.

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    Holy crap! 11C is impressive! lol, What software is it exactly? haha...
    Anyways, that stuff is called thermal grease, you can get it at places like Comp Usa, or maybe a crappy kind at Best Buy. Also, if you're and online shopper, you can get it all over the place. The best kind our right now is called Arctic Silver 5. But online Comp Usa would probably be the best place to get it, they sell it more expensive than the online retailers, but after you pay for shipping, you'll have paid the same amout anyways :) Comp Usa sells it for like 9.99.
    Now, thermal grease is a CRUCIAL necessity for keeping down processor temps. It helps conduct the heat directly to your heatsink. But again, at 11C, it IS NOT your processor dude...
    Possibly a bad or overheating video card then, if its not the dust or RAM.....

    chaz d.
  6. Jwdmgj101

    Jwdmgj101 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 16

    Not to rule the RAM out

    I have come to that conclusion my self about the processor temp. Now let me ask you this is it possible for the ram to go bad while in the computer. I know that seems like a stupid question, but the 128 stick is at the oldest 2yrs old. And the 256 stick is just over a year. The reason that I ask is with my previous computers I never had any problems with my RAM. One more thing is there a way that I can test the RAM to see if maybe that’s the problem?
  7. chaz d.

    chaz d. TS Rookie Posts: 35

    RAM Tester

    Not a stupid question at all....Yes, it is a definitely a POSSIBILITY of hardware gone bad while in the machine...However, MOST RAM has a lifetime warranty, sticks are either usually bad right away, or good for a lifetime....
    There are many ways that you can test your
    Download the latest version, I believe its version 1.06 or something like that...
    Download the ISO. After the download, burn the ISO to a cd. After it is burned, restart, and boot from the will start to run a RAM tester...there are many many RAM testers out there, so im not 100% sure how that one looks, but im sure it will be easy to tell whether or not the RAM fails....if you cant keep your computer on long enough to even burn the cd...then you'll have to have a friend let you burn it or something...
    Let the test run through a few times....if it passes the is NOT your RAM...
    If it ends up NOT being the RAM, and you are intent on proving that it is the video a new video card and replace the old one....if there arent any more problems after you've replaced it, then you've solved your problem...however, if there are still problems...then you'll have to return that video card you just bought, and try something else....
    Let me know what happens after the RAM Test and the new Video Card.

    Chaz D.

    P.s. Was the software that you downloaded to cool your processor specific to your motherboard? MSI right?
  8. Jwdmgj101

    Jwdmgj101 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 16


    I'm currently at work so I can't try that out, but as soon as I get home tonight I will, I wanted to avoid having to buy a new video card. lots f money, and I plan on doing some research to see if maybe the fan on the video card has went bad. that would be very easy to replace, wait, come to think of it there have been a few problems with the video card, like the 3D Open GL is not working at all. I'm would have to be at home to explane that problem. but for now, thanks
  9. AtK SpAdE

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    Your CPU is 11C?? I really think you have a sensor conflict. 55F is proboly cooler then the room the PC is in, and unless you have a AC unit in the case, the fan will not "chill" the air..
  10. Jwdmgj101

    Jwdmgj101 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 16

    that would be my luck

    well as I found out last night it's not the RAM. and yes that does sound like a sensor problem. I did not think about that, I mean it was a little cold in the house, but it wasn't that cold. The program came with the motherboard. but there is "AC" on there. although I wish there was. My house's AC went out on me last night. oh yeah are there any programs that are able to check things like bad sensors on a motherboard?
  11. Jwdmgj101

    Jwdmgj101 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 16

    there have been a few things that have noticed, there are some problems with my video card. Not sure what the are just yet, but I will figure them out as soon as I get off work.
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