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Vista BSOD on restart

By klandestine178
Dec 31, 2008
  1. Hi, I'm running Vista and my PC fails to boot up when restarted. Tbh this isn't a serious problem, but more of an annoyance as i can't "restart or reset" my pc as it goes in a loop of BSOD.

    I've reformatted many times, which clears the problem until a certain time; from which i can gather is installing windows updates and programs etc. Sometimes i get a bsod after i do the usual restart after updating, sometimes it doesn't occur and the computer runs fine. The latest reformat however everything has worked fine until about last night where the system hanged on shutdown, so i just turned off the computer via power button. As i've stated earlier the problem only occurs when i select restart in Vista or Reset on the computer and has an neverending loop of prewelcome screen>Bsod>restart, rinse and repeat. The problem does solve it self if i just shutdown the computer via the power button then starting the computer as usual. So the issue really is just an annoyance rather than urgent problem.

    The Bsod shows the information below as.

    '...Unrecoverable Hardware Error blue screen....'

    Technical Information:
    ***STOP: 0X00000124 (0X00000000, 0X874131028, 0XB2000040, 0X00000800)

    The error has solved it self once, when i selected 'disable auto restart on system failure' and managed to get past the prewelcome screen in vista, but other than that the problem persists.

    The computer is farily new - about couple of weeks old
    Intel Core 2 duo 2.66ghz, 4G ram, nvidia 9800gt, asus p5ql pro Motherboard, vista 32bit, updated drivers. I ran the 'mem..x86..' (0.o ram tool) thing before i got bored and canceled at 20% passed.

    I apologise if im wasting anyones time =\, but any help would be appreciated on this problem; so thanks in advance.

    Minidump files in attachment with nbtlog if needed.

    P.S i did rip out my old 160G hdd and switched a dvd drive with it, and was not sure how to fully install it so i just switched both the current dvd writer drive(switched out dvd drive) to slave and the HDD to slave and it worked =\.
  2. opa0opa

    opa0opa TS Rookie

    Hi, since last Friday when I built my new rig i've noticed the same behavior: BSOD loop if restarting, disappears if powering off and on.

    The hardware appears to be very similar to yours, klandestine178:
    ASUS P5QL PRO E7300 @ 2.66
    Gigabyte 9800 GT OC 512
    Kingston Hyper-X 2x2GB @800

    I'm affected by this a little bit more since I have to use the computer remotely a lot and need to restart it from time to time.

    The bios is up to date and the same for all the drivers except for the GPU (since the 181.20 kept messing Fallout3 up, i'm using 180.48 WHQL) on a Vista 64 Ultimate SP1.

    I know the proper way to handle it would be to reinstall and do a step-by-step installation of everything but I'm way too much into Fallout at the moment to "waste" a full gameplay day reinstalling and restarting :)

    Maybe someone got it already figured out or was more lucky at browsing the web than me...

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