Webroot Spy Sweeper 8 - lots of alerts

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Oct 2, 2008
  1. I just updated to the newest version of Spy Sweeper. Is the Internet Communication Shield a new one? I am getting CONSTANT alerts that the software is blocking access to all sorts of websites - even when I do not have my browser open. Is this another 'improvement' gone awry?

    I am running XP SP3, have a Linksys router, & use Zone Alarm Free firewall and AVG anti-virus.

    These alerts temporarily stop what I am doing & I have to click on the window to get back to it. This is really annoying!!! I can't find any info on the Webroot support KB to answer this.

  2. momok

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    I would suggest that you run through the preliminary removal instructions and post your logs just in case your system is indeed infected.
  3. kimsland

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    Yes Avira free Antivirus went the same way, with huge banners saying "you are being hacked" and things like that.
    Making it nearly impossible to install on someone elses computer and to say you're now ok! (But what's these popups? What have I done?)

    Avast free Antivirus has got this stupid email signup, that you must "register" the free product to get continued updates.
    Again making it very difficult to install on a machine, that has no email setup yet.

    Then you have AVG with its now heavy load, that once was a good simple free Antivirus.

    I suppose the point to all this, is that they are free. And manufactures have all decided to jump on this (seemingly at the same time, although Spyware Sweeper has had these popups since back in version 5)

    You get what you paid for (oh yeah nothing)
  4. betnel88

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    Webroot Spy Sweeper Alerts

    I have followed the 8 steps & everything comes up clean. I have attached the Hijack this log. Actually, I can't tell if this has any 'bad' stuff in it.

    Both the Malwarebytes Anti Malware & Super Anti Spyware didn't find anything

    I run CCleaner weekly, have been using Spy Sweeper for several years along with AVG anti-virus & ZoneAlarm Free firewall. I update using Secunia to keep the basic software current. All of this is behind the Linksys router firewall.

    The only other thing that I have done was to install a custom hosts file from Kim Komando website. However, that was installed 2 weeks ago & did not have any impact on Spy Sweeper until the update.

    I have checked the Webroot Knowledge Base & sent an email to them with no response yet.

    Any thoughts?
  5. kimsland

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    Sorry I didn't make myself clear
    That is normal of Spy Sweeper

    I'd un-install it :)
  6. betnel88

    betnel88 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks for help. Webroot tech support finally replied & after several attempts advised me to re-install the software. That seems to have worked. I'm still curious as to why there were all of these 'blocked' connections. Were they real attempts that got by the both the router firewall & ZoneAlarm or some aberration of Spy Sweeper. Oh well - mysteries!

    Here are the instructions from Webroot. I thought the key sequence to get more option interesting.
    1. Open Spy Sweeper.
    2. In the Home page of the Spy Sweeper click the page while holding down the CTRL + ALT +SHIFT+S buttons on your keyboard. You should now see a set of six different buttons where the logo used to be.
    3. Click Download Full Definitions. (Note: this may take a few minutes depending on your connection speed)
    4. Restart your PC.
  7. JJChgo3933

    JJChgo3933 TS Rookie

    Constant Spy Sweeper Alerts fixed

    Thanks for the advise to re-install the program. the alerts have stopped.
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