Weird Error in Weird Place

By Nightmare
Jul 18, 2006
  1. Hello, new guy here, now for my problem, the problem i seem to be having is Remove Disk or other media, but its not on start up of my computer, but its on System Recovery, then when i hit enter it will then go to disk Boot error, i am on windows xp and i have a HP Pavlon, the reason i want to use my System Recovery is i am fixing to start a new project for a website for my city, and i want to setup a localserver, so i want my computer to have a fresh start, and since i haven't used system recovery in like 6 or 9 months its dued. so if anyone can help me pass this Remove disk or other media on system Recovery would be appriciated. the only thing i have plugged in is my dsl connection and kordless keyboard and mouse, i completely disabled my printer and camera and there is no disk in either of my disk drives, and yes i have stuff in D drive HP_Recovery, i do not believe the stuff i have in the drive would cause this error as i have put the same things in it before.

    so if anyone knows this problem on System Recovery would be appriciated for any help

  2. Nanahara

    Nanahara TS Rookie

    Did you try changing the boot order in the bios? Or if you are trying to boot to a recovery partition I am fairly certain HP uses the F10 key when you are going to boot to go into system recovery. But I don't have an HP so I could be wrong but it should be one of the F Keys.
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