Westell Wireless Adapter Software

By OPicana
Dec 27, 2005
  1. I recently had to do a reinstall of Windows on my sister's desktop. She has a Westell 802.11G Wireless USB Adapter. It worked perfectly fine before the reinstall. Now, it won't work. I am assuming this is because I need to put in the installation software that came with it. However, this is not something we have (I have searched through the house, shes not the best at keeping track of things for her computer). Westell's website does not offer any downloadable software/drivers for their adapters. The modem tech support is present, but the modem does not require a driver of any kind. I have e-mailed Westell and not received a response. I would call them, but there number is not toll free. Does anyone know where I can find the software? Or how I go about getting it? Or can I set it up without the software?
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