What Defines The Power Of Vid Cards?

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Feb 15, 2008
  1. Hi,
    I have this confusion about video cards. First of all there are so many different specs to look at. Clock Speed, Memory Clock, Memory Bus, Band Width, Memory, Stream Processors, All these are really confusing for me Because I currenty have a XFX 8800GTS Extreme (640MB) and I want to up grade it and am looking towards 8800 GT the ALPHA DOG Extreme Edition...Is that a good choice or should I stick to what I have right now? Or are there any other Choices? Suggestions Anyone?
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    To me it's the multiplier 16X
    And memory, in your case 640Meg (and that's not enough?)

    I expect you should receive more replies to reviewing your card differences.
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    Bandwidth is a really important spec. My 8800 GTS has a bandwidth of 68 Gigs/second. Of course also are core clock and memory. Finally the more bits the better. My graphics processor has 320 bits with 320 MBs. It's a solid platform and is competitive with all GFX except that the 8800 GT which is now at the top.
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