Why did I update my BIOS?

By jamiesalter
Mar 29, 2007
  1. Hello all,

    I'm completely new to this forum and have signed up (shamelessly) because I have a problem.

    Intel E6600
    Asus P5B Deluxe
    2x WD 160GB in RAID 1
    Windows MCE

    Basically: my computer was working fine so I decided to do some overclocking. I updated the firmware on my P5B Deluxe to 0910 and after the restart windows loaded fine but off only one of the HDs. I realised it was because I hadn't changed the "Configure SATA as" to RAID in the BIOS so RAID 1 wasn't in effect. I changed the setting, restarted and ... got the ntldr error. Bummer.

    I then put the windows disc in, loaded the RAID drivers, went into recovery console and copied ntldr.exe and ntdetect.com across to c:. (NB. It didn't ask me if I wanted to overwrite the existing files) I also did fixboot. Restarted the computer and the error's still there. I then decided to rollback to the BIOS I had before I updated - 0804 - so I used ASUS EZ Flash. All worked, changed "Configure SATA as" setting to RAID again - ntldr error still there.

    So, I then booted into the windows CD again and ran fixmbr in the recovery console. Restarted and the ntldr error disappeared and was replaced by the windows loading screen (overjoyed), but then..."autochk program not found - skipping AUTOCHECK" appeared.

    What the hell do I do now? This all started because I forgot to change the RAID setting when updating BIOS!

    Any thoughts appreciated,


    (One more comment - could be useful - when the computer first restarted, after I updated the BIOS, and loaded into windows it said it had "Found new hardware" and then installed my hard drives and told me to restart. This is when I realised I hadn't changed the RAID setting. I restarted then restared again and changed the RAID setting.)
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