Wierd things goin on with my Vaio

By shivamrockz07
May 1, 2009
  1. I have a Vaio VGN FS315B...it quite old(4 yrs)...its working fine so i didnt replace it...

    The thing that's troubling me is that whenever i turn it on.....it just freezes randomly at any point of time. It can happen even be4 the first welcome screen....after it....during the loading of windows from hibernation..and whenevr that happens i have to restart it and after an average of 4 restarts, i get to see my desktop.....(and to restart it i remove the battery and then again plug it in)

    Another thing is that i have noticed is that when i open my task manager and go to the performance tab...sometimes without any application being launched....the usage reached to around 100

    And when i turn it off or hibernate....the screen where it says ''windows hibernating'' also always freezes and when i hit my laptop...sometimes it starts working and successfully hibernates..

    I first thought that there is some problem with the RAM....cauz when i changed it with another one from my other laptop...it turned on fine.....but later i realised that it was only a coincidence cauz my laptops even turns on with its original RAM (though with the same problem)

    I havent reinstalled windows cauz i think it is more of a hardware problem

    Please help me.....i really get frustrated with this problem.....
  2. Tmagic650

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    You have swapped RAM and that is good... The laptop is 4 years old so it may need a thorough cleaning. The CPU cooling fins might be clogged with dust and other debris. Use a can of air and see if you can blow some of the dust out. Then if the "freezing" continues, you can consider doing a OS reinstall. If it is a hard drive problem, the reinstall may not finish
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