Will this setup work?

  1. Before I say anything else, I am very new to building a computer. Ive never built one in my life. I am curious if the setup I have to far will work! I am trying to look for pretty cheap but good options for parts. So far I have a case, processor, and GPU in mind. I need ideas for the motherboard especially. I dont know how to tell if everything would work correctly, so if something would be incompatible, could you tell me?

    So far I have

    GPU: Nvidia GTX 760
    CPU: Intel Core i7-3770k
    Case: NZXT Phantom 240 Mid Tower
    Hard-Drive: Seagate Barracuda 2TB HDD
    Power Supply:
    DVD Drive:
    Operating System: Windows 7 64 Bit

    Would there be anything else I need? Also what is thermal compound and Heatsink? Are these required for my setup? Please tell me if there is anything wrong with this so far and what items I should use for the unfilled spaces! Thank you all so much!

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