Win 7 Slow boot + Failed to connect to a windows service

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Jun 25, 2013
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  1. Hi all, I've googled around for this problem but it seems it is different problems for each person so I'd start a new thread if you all don't mind.

    This starts a couple of days ago when suddenly my laptop is very slow at boot up, it shows the 'Starting Windows' screen and then black screen for 5~7 minutes. After that the log in screen appears, but only the background is shown, around a minute later only the user tiles appear. After that log in takes 5 minutes for all the gadget, icons, wallpaper to load up. Then a 'failed to connect to a windows service' message pops up. But the windows/softwares is still slow to open to use only until after a few more minutes of 'not responding' time. All of this took almost 15 minutes. I admit that my laptop is slow on its own although it has 8gb ram, but this has become worrying. Any help?

    What I've tried so far:
    - Uninstall recent software that I'd installed a few days back before the problem.
    - Used CCleaner to clean up
    - Defrag the disk
    - Uninstall some more unused softwares
    - Run AV scan
  2. gbhall

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  3. neo1027

    neo1027 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    How do I open system administrator?
  4. gbhall

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  5. jobeard

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    Next time you're logged in, disconnect ALL mapped drives. These are all accessed upon booting the pc and if not available, they all require a timeout before they give-up and thus extend boot time extraordinarily.
  6. neo1027

    neo1027 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thank you very much for replying but please bear with me. I open up system events and click on the + sign for error logs, but found no flags. This is my POV uploaded.

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  7. neo1027

    neo1027 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    So I clicked on tools>disconnect mapped drives...but I found that I don't have mapped drives.
  8. jobeard

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    Click on Windows Logs and find {System, Application, Security}
  9. gbhall

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    Well, OK, event viewer is a load of crock. Maybe the best place to look in Event viewer is Custom Views, where you probably only have one sub-filter, which is Administrative events. Most people have hundreds of frightening-looking errors and warnings, going back years. We only want the last week or so.

    PS going back to your original post, the clue is probably in that 'failed to connect to a windows service' message. You need to find out what that was/is. If you can possibly reproduce it or quote the exact text you get, it will probably help a lot.
  10. neo1027

    neo1027 TS Rookie Topic Starter


    The ones that I found relevant to windows services, and within the timeline of my laptop booting are:


    NEW Problem:
    I'm using dell laptop so there was this Fast Access Alert thing "FastAccess Tray Alert detected an older version running. Please reboot now to complete the installation of a newer version" I encountered this a week back and googled a solution to unselect FATrayMon in msconfig, but now it is back! I open msconfig again and now there are TWO FATrayMon.

    If possible I would like to uninstall Fast Access since I am not using this software that come pre-installed.

    I think my laptop is falling apart.
  11. gbhall

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    Yes, uninstall it, you might find it helps. If it does not appear in the usual installed software list, or it does, but the uninstall action fails, then you can try downloading revo uninstaller free which can be pretty good at times.

    Other things to do are peruse the Dell forums for anyone with similar problems with that particular software - fastaccesstray. Follow up the two errors you have reported in google, as here
  12. neo1027

    neo1027 TS Rookie Topic Starter

  13. gbhall

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    I'm afraid you seem to have hit something that MS has apparently been struggling with for two years plus without success. 'Startup delayer' mentioned here seems a good way of wasting a lot of time on this problem. From what I gather, a reinstall of the OS or completely disable logging of CAPI logging seems the best bet.
  14. neo1027

    neo1027 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Hi! Sorry I was out stationed for work.
    No kidding? Does it mean a total reformat?
  15. gbhall

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    Well, it's not a firm recommendation by any means. You could wait a while, keep researching for a solution, hope that MS finally issues a fix. But so long as you carry on as you are, and the start-up delay does not bother you much, then fine.

    Didi you remove that fastaccess tray thing at all?

    The link I gave you above has five pages, and also gives many other links you could pursue yourself. Something somewhere might work for you. Sorry I cannot offer any real help.
  16. neo1027

    neo1027 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I haven't remove fastaccess, I read in some forums that a lot of user are still having FA's log on tile at the log in screen and are unable to remove it. I have yet found any solution by the others to that problem, so I dare not to risk it.

    For now each log in have been prompting the same "Failed to connect to a windows service" error, with some annoyance such as slowing down a game or two I usually play with my laptop, occasion slow responding performance from the explorer, and freezing while watching videos using RealPlayer and Flash videos online.

    I'll check out the links you've provided. Hopefully one of them will work.

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