Win Xp Lock Ups

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Mar 22, 2004
  1. I am having a problem with my system that I am about to set the system under the left tire of my truck and run it over again and again and again. Problem.. The system was working fine for 3 weeks. Then the system first locked up when playing an on-line game. I thought that it was caused by a lag or something. I reset the system as (Ctrl, alt, del) did not work. It seems that now it locks up when ever it feels like it and I dont have to be doing anything for it to lock up. I formated the HD several times thinking that something was wrong when the OS was installed. I thought it was a cooling problem I checked and made changes to the cooling, I have changed the cables inside the system to the ones that are more streamlined so that the airflow is not stopped. I have changed the memory 2 times, the hard disk 3 times and the processor 2 times. I have upgraded the MOBO's Bios, downloaded all updates for windows that my system would need. downloaded all drivers and patches for the MOBO and other devices. I am at my wits end with this. The kick in the bum is that I have 3 other systems running the same way, nothing different and they dont even flicker (Great! watch them do it now!) Does anyone have any ideas Please advise.

    System info:
    OS: MS Win XP Home Edition Ver. 2002 SP 1
    CPU: AMD Athlon XP 1800
    RAM: Kingston 256 PC2100 DDR
    HD: Maxtor 20 Gig
    MOBO: Gigabyte Model: GA-7VKMP-P
    Bios Ver: 7VKMP F5
    Display: S3 Pro Savage DDR Intergrated in MOBO
    Network: Realtek PCI Fast Ethernetn NIC Intergrated in MOBO
    Audio: Realtek AC97 Audio Inter in MOBO
    Power Supply: 400w
    The Case has 8 fans four in front, four in back and the one on the processor itself.
  2. FeTaLDaMagE

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    Nothing in the event viewer for error?
  3. lowman

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    Do you have a spare video card that you can install, and disable the on-board card? That's just a shot in the dark...I'm always leery of on-board stuff...I'll have to otherwise defer to the expertise of some of our resident geniuses...;)
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  5. white8989

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    Win XP Lock up

    I have checked the Error reports and there was nothing there. Last night I sat for about 6 hours and today for about 3 so far working and testing things in the system. I changed the MOBO only to find out that the MOBO I changed it to had a problem within itself, so I went back to the other one that locks up. I took the entire system apart and cleaned everything inside thinking again that it might be an over heat problem. The inside of the case and fans are so clean I could eat off of them. :dead: Ok, after cleaning the case, fans and everything else I rebuilt the system and it seems to be running ok for now. I disabled the onboard lan card because I did see 3 errors in the error reports, well actually they were warnings. I placed a D-Link network card inside and will see what happends from there. I will try to put a video card inside sometime later and disable the onboard video on it also. I hate onboard intergraded stuff on MOBO's. I hope that this has solved the problem, if not there will be an article in the paper what a man was seen dragging his computer from the back of his truck at full speed down the highway. :D .. it was not me:D
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    Re: Win XP Lock up

    good luck, keep us posted
  7. BankofAmerica

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    same problem

    Hello i'm having the same problem as White, i was playing an online game and my computer just randomly will lock up and makes the droning sound ctrlaltdel doesnt work blah blah so i end up having to restart right? also i found that when playing another game (offline) computer will randomly lock up then sometimes giving me BSOD and sometimes it will just restart cleanly with no BSOD. I've found that my computer is more likely to restart randomly or give me BSOD when i am playing an online game or offline game. Ok so i added more RAM. The problem continues. I installed a new video card and the problem continues. I've ordered a new CPU heat sinc with fan and i'm guessing after i install that the problem will most likely still continue. I've read somewhere else on this forum that the power supply and power surges may be involved with this. I have a 450 watt supply. I havent replaced that or the Hard drive yet. I dont think any of the rest of the peripherals would be causing this problem. lol it just sucks its screwing up my online play.
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    maybe there is something wrong with your board if you try all of your components on a different board and you probably wont have any probs try this out and let me know what happens :darth:
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