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Apr 20, 2009
  1. The problems started after I installed simcity 4000 "Factory disc". The game kept crashing. Then I started getting bug reports. I could no longer open the game. I also started getting bug reports for other applications like java,nvidia control panel, and sometimes firefox and widows explorer. I wanted to try a system restore, but I have a lot of school work that I had to backup on an external hard drive.I backed it up, tried system restore but it didn't work. Also, my task manager has been disabled. I tried regedit, but it didn't seem to have an effect. Also, I can not run in safe mode. I think I may have gotten the virus from my jump drive. A computer at school picked up the Sality virus on it. Your help is greatly appreciated.
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    Someone here will be ablel to help you...
    Start here...
    Read all the stickies (the 3 notes at the top of the board)
    and then follow carefully the instructions for the 8 steps.

    When you have done so, post your logs back here.
    Someone will review and help you with customized help.
    Like you, we want you to have a clean and healthy system.

    Note re Posting Logs...
    Do not copy and paste your logs into your note.
    Attach them.
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    Hi,I did everything in the 8 steps, but I closed CCleaner and now I can't open the program.So I can't seem to retrieve its report. I also can't open malwareby'tes or Hijack this, .although I did save their reports before I closed the program.I'm going to attach the reports from Hijackthis and malwarebytes. Also, I'm still getting an error report for the nvidia control panel right after I boot up. I downloaded AVG 8.5, but I'm getting an error report on the interface to AVG and can't open it either. I figured I should try to reinstall CCleaner and AVG, but I'll wait for response just to make sure I'm doing the right thing.
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    Log files

    By the way I was mistaken. I could not retrieve malwarebytes log, but did get the Hijackthis, and the super spyware log. I still can't open the CCleaner ,malwarebytes or Hijack this. Thanks for your help.
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    From your description etc, you may have the same (or similar) issues as did Chunx

    BUT... do not just use his thread as a template for your needs... We don't want to create more problems for you!
    Because you fear Sality, I think it important to chase this down,
    and probably it is best to bring in Kimsland or one of the other experts on this...

    By the way... just a helpful hint... rather than add consecutive notes, make use of the edit button.
    That is preferred on TechSpot. Kimsland may merge some of your posts to clean things up...

    Hang in there... You will get the help you need. :)

    :wave:Additional Information...
    I have tried to analyze your HJT, but all I am finding are tweaks. Others may find something I missed.
    I have asked someone else to come in and take a look, but with prior requests, it may take a little while for them to respond.
    Not ingnoring or abandoning you! Really! :)
    In case your issues are not Virus/Malware related... (which has not been fully determined yet)... Have you employed Memtest and HD diagnostic programs to rule out issues there?
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    Hey Architype - more directions for you...:grinthumb
    Looks like your AVG may be a paid (vs free version) security suite... but... give this a go...
    You can always reinstall later if you (really) want.

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