Windows Live Messenger contact list missing! Help, please!

By dilasluis
Feb 25, 2009
  1. I recently re-formated my local hard drives and reinstalled win xp. I am currently installing all the software I need... I installed windows live messenger and apparently successfully. Apparently! I don't have any contacts on my list! I tried signing in with another account and the contact lists are also gone. I signed in on windows messenger (the one that comes withe windows...) and the contacts appear.

    I've researched for help and the procedure to solve this consists of erasing folder content. But I do not have those folders! No "Contacts" folder nor a "My messenger email address" folder on "Windows Live Contacts" folder. I tried adding those folders to their respective places but it didn't solve anything.

    I tried also to add contacts to messenger but they don't show up on the contacts list.

    Help! :dead:
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