Windows XP Blank Screen Help....Please

Apr 29, 2007
  1. Hello. I am trying to assist my in-laws with a problem. I am pretty computer savy. I have built several systems from scratch. All XP systems. My in-laws have developed a problem where they thought the monitor had gone out and replaced it. . . after the Windows XP logon with the loading bar, the screen goes blank. I have gone into safe mode and un-installed then installed a new video driver. They had an onboard video chip that I thought may have gone bad. So I put in a video card. Same problem....goes blank after the Windows logo. I can get into any safe mode with not problem, I am hung up with this problem. Their computer is fairly old. Originally came with 98SE OS, It is an older Dell system, Pentium 4, 1.8Ghz, 768 MB RAM, Currently with Windows XP Pro with service pack 2. If there is anyone that could help me, I would greatly appreciate it. Also as a side note I have tried to go back the most recent settings that worked, also to no luck. Also I don't know if this may be a factor......but they have no anti-virus protection. I wonder if that may have been a factor in this. Again, anyone who may have an assist. I would appreciate it.

  2. Da_g33k

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    i have too had this problem this is when i didnt virus check for 2 years, i had a tonne of virus's, i think it may of been a virus when it happened to me. you best bet is to get a linux live CD, then back-up all of your data, re-install windows or if the distro of linux has a virus checker try that. good-luck
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    did you DISABLE onboard video when you installed the new card?
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