Windows XP installation not completing

By spkenny
Jan 25, 2012
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  1. I am simply re-installing windows xp home edition onto a laptop and am having issues. The initial setup for installing xp goes fine all the way to where it needs to reboot the first time. But after rebooting, it gets to the screen with 'press any key to boot from cd' which of course I simply let go to continue the installation. Only problem is it hangs on that screen. I have tried 3 different winxp home discs to make sure the original wasnt having problems reading. I have also tested the hard drive for any errors and test results came out fine. Why would the installation during the first part work fine, but after reboot hang at the 'press any key to boot' screen? If this is in the wrong thread section, please move it to the right one as I wasnt sure where to post this.
  2. gbhall

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    Possibly because the install up to the point of completing file copies is using a low-level, standardised method of writing to the HDD. Then after reboot, it is trying to use the necessary Windows drivers to read from the HDD.

    Why would that not work? Because XP had no drivers for a SATA HDD. If your HDD is SATA, you need to go into the bios before you start, and set the HDD to an IDE-compatible mode. There are various descriptions of this mode according to bios manufacturer.

    Once in IDE mode, your install will run correctly after the reboot point.
  3. Mark56

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    Or you could try this Slipstream XP with SP3 and SATA drivers

    Then you will not loose the extra speed of the SATA drive and if you install SP3 into the slipstreamed disc you will save a lot of time downloading updates.

    The guide includes a SATA drivers pack but be sure that your chipset is included or you will have to find the appropriate driver for your motherboard.

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