Windows xp media Reboot loop

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Apr 27, 2007
  1. Ok im gonna tell you what i have tryed so far and beg for help :). i am normally pretty good with computers so this is a last ditch effort. i have a 2 or so old emachines computer that is running a amd 3500 processoer 2 gigs of ram (4 sticks of 512) a geforce 7600 and200 gig hard drive plus a 160 gig drive i have also added. while i was at work i guess it crashed and my wife had to force boot it after a reboot it wouldnt do anything but post and get through bios then it would just blink a cursor forever. so i decided to do a windows restore. after the restore it would post show emachines flash and graphics card post then hit xp flash screen and reboot not even showing any BSOD (blue screen of death). so i ran a memtest and let it go for 7 passes everything checked out i tried restoring on another hard drive i have that i know is good same issue. so i rolled the dice and went and bought a new power supply. after coming home and installing power supply and booting it passed the flash screen and said windows wasnt propperly installed try again so i re restored and rebooted after flash screen it popped the BSOD and rebooted cant use safe mode cause it technically hasnt ever finished setup of windows. ok so after trying to boot a few more times hoping to get a flash of the bsod i got another idea i will try running Knopix and see if it will boot that so i know if its hardware or software. knoppix boots up and works fine. but still bsod reboot into windows. it has to be a driver issue but is there any way i can fix that from knoppix cause i cant even get into windows to fix the drivers any help would be great i would scrap the maching but it is still an ok basic gaming box.
  2. CCT

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    What do you mean by a Windows 'restore' ? Sounds like you mean 'install'.

    I would suggest removing all but one ram module and trying that way. If you get a problem, try at least once more with a different ram module.

    Make sure nothing is attached to usb except mouse/keyboard.
  3. raybay

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    What is the model of the eMachine? There are 14 Windows XP Home eMachines with very high failure rates of the motherboards.
  4. ravisunny2

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  5. zatarazie

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    Model of emachines is t 6542.
    i also took your advise and tried removing all but one stick of ram same issue i also pulled a stick from a working machine with the same issues. as for restore being install it is the oem operating disk that came with the machine that i am installing off of that is why i am calling it a restore instead of a install
  6. CCT

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    Well, the drive could be bad. Knoppix, from what I quickly read, is designed to boot from the CD disk entirely so it needs no HD.

    Is the 2nd hard drive available for an install or are the files important?
  7. zatarazie

    zatarazie TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I didnt think about that. so i tried a hard drive install on another drive that functions and same problem im thinking it has to do with my restore disk so im going to borrow my friends xp disk to install and if it boots in i will just have to buy a new copy of xp/vista one or the other.
  8. nickc

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    if u are a big gamer be aware that vista does not have many games that support it.
  9. raybay

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    Yet. that is.
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