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Sep 20, 2010
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  1. I really dont know what to do with this one. It takes many tries to get to the desktop. When in safemode it last a little longer but not very long at all then the screen turns black and then it restarts (or tries to; repeating the process of taking forever to get to the desktop.) Often it just makes it to the screen that says Welcome and then restarts.
    Can someone give me any advice on how to figure out what the problem is and how to fix this mess?
  2. B00kWyrm

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    Please tell us about
    • your hardware (desktop/laptop and details),
    • any software configured to run at start, especially security software.
    Also, with your next post, please attach as a zip up to five of your most recent minidumps.
    You will find them in
    Please tell us also what was happening last time the computer was running properly.
    Looks like you just had help with malware, but that it was on a different computer.
    Is this one yours, or does it belong to another friend. (If so, will they be straight with you?)

    Have you investigated overheating? Everest is my preferred program for this purpose.
    A free version is available here... https://www.techspot.com/downloads/4864-everest-free-edition.html

    Was any software or hardware added or updated just prior to the problem?
  3. exmatt

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    It's one of my moms friends computers and yes she'll be straight with me. She doesn't go download crazy like the last computers owner I was working on.
    I was suspicious of overheating so I'll defiantly try that out, but I know theres something else going on as well. I've attempted to run scans but it always freezes.
    I'm waiting for a response from her before I fully reply and look up those zips for you and the desktop info and security and start up.
  4. stensland

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    I quite literally had the same problem as of yesterday, and got it resolved. The issue was a bad HDD. There are ways around it, but we resolved it by just getting a new PC for the employee. Here is a link to all the information from the post I had set up, hope it helps.

  5. exmatt

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    Well heres what I got so far:
    Windows XP Home Edition Version 2002 (32bit) Service Pack 2

    She is using Spybot for security although theres Symantec Antivirus on here but disabled as far as I can see. I don't see no need for it to be on here though?

    As for software starting up, none appear on the screen that you would have to exit (except Adobe wanting to update). Looking deeper I see 14 items, three are Adobe, two are Symantec, one is Teatimer (spybot), another 4 are Kodak, Yahoo, quicktime, java and that leaves 4 more;
    dumprep 0 -k

    There was only five minidumps.

    She said she didn't download anything unless her grandkid did. And the last thing she did on it was after it started messing up she went back to an earlier date and restarted it. Which it then started popping up porn and restarting.
    Although I have not had any porn pop ups at all, no pop ups actually at all.

    What should the computers temp be running at?

    ~Update/ Edit~
    I was just running Temporary File Cleaner, cleaned up some 780 mb and restarted. Nothing seemed to be the problem but when everything was loaded I got a message saying the computer had just recovered from a serious error. And also Microsofts Windows error reporting page came up by itself with details about the blue screen error and steps to follow...uh just thought I should mention that.

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  6. B00kWyrm

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    Okay... the porn pop-ups are a pretty sure sign of infection.
    I would recommend going to the virus and malware removal forum, and carefully read the four stickies at the top.
    After doing so, if you decide to proceed, please follow the 8-steps carefully, before making your post there.

    By the way, Spybot alone is not enough security.
    The team there will help you get secured, with top notch (and free) security software.

    Meanwhile, may I suggest that you have your friend take immediate steps to secure her business affairs.
    The reason I say this is, much malware today is designed to covertly steal logins and passwords, focusing especially on banking information.
    If your friend has done any business on line, her accounts should be considered "at risk" and all log-in's and passwords changed.

    Please note also... one of the worst vectors for malware today is file-sharing... including music, but also "warez/cracks/etc".
    Torrents sites and music sharing sites are notorious in the anti-malware field.
    This may well be the source of the apparent infection.

    Note also, malware is capable of hiding in your "restore to an earlier date" mechanism, as well as other places.

    At this point, my bet is, when the malware issue is resolved, most other problems will be as well.
    If you still have things you want to address after you are through in the malware forum, come back and repost.
    I will be notified when you do.

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