XP Pro - WinMgmt error and others

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Hello ... 1st time here ... and needing some help please.

XP Pro w/SP2

Briefly ... I had shutdown my MKS_Vir Anti-Virus program to do an app install
on a relatively new install of XP Pro on brandnew harddrive. Everything had
been going great ... until I had forgotten to re-activate the AV program.

I ended up surfing the web and inadvertently click a link that brought havoc.
My harddrive lit up and my Ashampoo Un-Installer started flashing a bunch
of install alerts before I could dis-engage :(

I scanned with everything I had to clean my system. Then I went to another
'tech' site to post my HJT log, and one of the techs guided me through a
series of cleaning processes. My follow-up HJT log was clean ... however
a few system problems are taking place and I have not heard any replys from
the other forum [must also be real busy] so I thought I'd come here.

3 issues have come up ... maybe they are all related, but they ALL started
after the 'attack'

I am logged on as Administrator and sole user of this computer. A 2.4gHz P4
with 1.25 gigs of ram and ~60 gigs free on my boot drive. All Windows service
and upgrades have been performed without flaw. The 'errors' only surfaced
after the attack.

Not sure which order to present this ... but here goes.

1. Looking at Admin Tools/Event Viewer I see the following error messages:

WinMgmt - EventID- 28. stating that:

"WinMgmt could not initialize the core parts. This could be due to a badly installed version of WinMgmt, WinMgmt repository upgrade failure, insufficient disk space or insufficient memory."


SecurityCenter - EventID - 1802

The Windows Security Center Service was unable to establish event queries with WMI to monitor third party AntiVirus and Firewall.

- I have both working Antivirus and using the default XP firewall.

2. The second issue involves my ATI video card control panel. An 'error alert
box' appears everytime I boot-up stating:

"ATI Graphics:

You do not have permission to change CATALYST Control Center Settings. Please contact your administrator for further help".

This is a real drag because 1, I'm the admin and 2, I am unable to launch
the control panel to adjust the position on my monitor.

I have already un-installed, cleaned drivers, re-booted and installed the
latest ATI drivers with the same result :|

Strangely ... I attempted to do a 'System Restore' [which IS active], but none
of them ended up working. I manually had created a restore point and WAS
able to restore to that without error.

Last thing [finally:)] ... I use a program called Ashampoo Un-Installer. It is
basically a 'system snapshop' utility to aid in clean UN-Installing of apps. This
program, when reading registry and install drive is now extremely slow. It
still works, but is very slow grabbing registry and disk file data.

I better stop right here and give a tech a chance to catch his breath and
get a handle on this.

I await hearing back from you. Please let me know whatever other info you
require to help get a solution to this.

Thank-you very much for your time!




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I`m not a tech,I`m a googler.Here are some googles -

1.From here - http://www.jsifaq.com/SUBP/tip7700/rh7751.htm

Open a CMD.EXE prompt.

Type the following commands, pressing Enter after each one:

winmgmt /clearadap
winmgmt /kill
winmgmt /unregserver
winmgmt /regserver
winmgmt /resyncperf

2.Install another AV and firewall,such as AVG and Zone Alarm or Sygate.

3.From here - http://www.driverheaven.net/archive/index.php/t-82366.html

"Ive seen a few people with this problem. Looks like a driver bug, unless you really want to use the CCC for some reason (personally I hate it) then uninstall and reinstall using the Classic Control Panel instead. Should eliminate the problem. May well be a fix at some point though."

3.Re-install Ashampoo uninstaller

4.Try creating a new user account and see if things work better in that.

5.System file checker - sfc /scannow


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Thanks Peddant for the Google links ...

Before coming here, I had already seen and tried most of them to no avail.

However, in pursuit of a solution, there was another tip that involved WinMgmt and
a damaged Repository folder.

It goes like this:

ok, found info that works on another forum :( but anyway, i think it should be added here, cause it seems alot of people have had this happen, so here ya go :)

Windows XP reports that Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI) might be corrupted?

You may receive any of the following error messages in Windows XP:
Unable to view network properties.
Windows cannot display the properties of connection. Windows Management Instrumentation
(WMI) might be corrupted.
Unable to view System Information (MSinfo32).

If you run Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI), wmimgmt.msc, you receive:
Failed to connect to local computer due to WMI:Generic failure.

These errors will occur if the %SystemRoot%\System32\Wbem\Repository folder is damaged.

To fix this problem:
1. Use the Start menu to right-click My Computer.
2. Press the Manage item.
3. Double-click Services and Applications in the left-hand pane.
4. Press Services to expand it.
5. Scroll to Windows Management Instrumentation in the right-hand pane and right-click it.
6. Press Stop.
7. Use Windows Explorer to delete all the files in the
%SystemRoot%\System32\Wbem\Repository folder.
8. Shutdown and restart your computer. The Windows Management Instrumentation service will
start and the files will be re-created.
del C:\WINDOWS\system32\wbem\Repository\FS
I had a problem with WMI, I also had a problem deleting
%SystemRoot%\System32\Wbem\Repository. I had to run Error Checking (Chkdsk).
And then try to delete the file. C:\WINDOWS\System32\Wbem\Repository\FS.
Courtesy of Kelly T. @ http://www.kellys-korner.com/
[Windows Management Instrumentation - WinMgmt could not initialize the core parts
Go to Start/Run/CMD and then run each of these hitting enter after each:

winmgmt /clearadap
winmgmt /kill
winmgmt /unregserver
winmgmt /regserver
winmgmt /resyncperf

This may or may not repair the repository but will re-install wmi into the registry.

and this did work for me, everything seems straight and working again :)


This was taken from: http://forums.infoprosjoint.net/archive/index.php/t-4966.html

Anyway ... I first did a manual RESTORE point, and then followed the listed instructions
INCLUDING doing a complete SHUT-DOWN and then re-started.

No more error message on the ATI Control panel ... now I can adjust my monitor

I still need to do some further testing to see if the whole system is smiling, but at least
one of the issues [and maybe the rest] have been satisfied.

Hope others might find this info useful.

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