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Yet Another Boot Error

By Jeemo
Nov 5, 2006
  1. Okay, my guess is that you've probably heard this kind of error before, but after searching long and hard on google and talking to friends, I couldn't seem to find a solution.

    I am running Windows XP, with an ASUS P4G8-X board

    Last night, being the impatient little sod that I am, I turned off my computer at the wall socket, simply because it was taking a while to boot down (I don't do this often though).
    Now when I boot up, it reaches the Windows XP loading stage (black background), and shortly after, flashes onto a blue screen of death which i have no chance of reading. It then reboots, and then i'm brought to a screen with the option of starting from Safe Mode etc. Safe mode has exactly the same effect, as do the other options.

    My next step was looking into the BIOS. my brother (whose PC i am on right now) used to have a similar problem, and his was casued by a variable in the BIOS which caused the PC to overclock. I'm not very experienced with BIOS so I wouldnt know where this kind of thing would be found. My brother also uses a different motherboard than I do, so the bios systems are different.

    I tried booting my harddrive up as a slave on a different computer in hope of possibly defragmentating or disc cleanup or something, but the computer only seemed to recognize the master C.
    Finally, I have tried selecting the "Reset to defaults" option in the bios, but also to no avail.

    I also wanna add that the harddrive I have has been known to have problems in the past. It used to freeze in the middle of using my PC, and upon reboot it would tell me to insert a system disk, so each time i had to push the data and power cables firmly into the hardrive to ensure a proper boot.

    Any ideas on what to do? Also i read about another method of resetting the bios (with the battery, and the jumper thingymabob) But i'm not sure whether that would be necessary or not in this case. I would suspect it's something to do with corrupted data on my HDD.
  2. smore9648

    smore9648 TS Rookie Posts: 697

    Sounds like your HDD might be going down the drain but first we will do some things with it

    install your Windows installation disk and run the recovery console
    do a manual repair and run chkdsk /r

    Is your HDD sounding loud?

    Bad things happen when you rip out the juice from your system. It only takes 1 volt to kill your system
  3. Jeemo

    Jeemo TS Rookie Topic Starter

    hm.. new stuff's happened now.
    My friend came to help with it, but as it turns out he sorta did more harm than good. he managed to get my HDD showing up as a slave, but it was unreadable by the computer. He assumed it must be failing, as did I.
    Turns out, that computer is a 750Hz P3 (you think i'd know the specs of the PCs in my house.... but i guess not) and couldnt handle a 300GB harddrive anyway. in the bios it registered as 136GB. He also tried inserting the WXP disc, but told me the only thing left to opt for was to format it, so exited. This was before I read your post, smore =P
    now when i boot as master on my computer, it doesnt reach the windows stage before it crashes, it hangs at the bit before. So after my dad shouting at me for ****ing around (and rightly so) it appears the partition had been deleted by putting it on the other computer, and beforehand it couldve simply been an error with the system - now it's lost data.

    although he also managed to run some program to retrieve a lot of my stuff(Phoenix..something??), so i think it should turn out alright now hopefully.
    Anyhow, i still hate my dumb Maxtor...
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