Zune Driver Problems

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Jan 5, 2008
  1. When I connect my Zune to my computer it connects and then disconnects it every second, literally. I tried deleted the files in the windows\inf folder and renaming the driver.cab and sp2.cab files so Windows doesn't automatically search for drivers there, I also tried reinstalling the newest version of the Zune software, but that didn't help at all.

    What can I do to manually install the drivers for my Zune, or otherwise fix this problem?
  2. eroz

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    Are you connecting the zune to the front panel USB ports or to USB ports in the back of your computer? I had a problem with my zune freezing everytime I tried the front panel ports, but it worked fine when I used the ports on the back.
  3. kimsland

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    Make sure you are connecting directly to a USB 2 port on your computer (not into a USB hub)

    Remove the Zune driver again from Device Manager
    Download the zune software (driver) again
    Re-install the software

    Failing this, it may be a hardware fault in the zune device or cable
  4. ferrari24

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    Alright, let me mention something I forgot to in my original post: I had modified the .inf file in the Zune\drivers directory to try and have it work on my x64 version of Windows. I didn't restore this .inf file to its original until after I tried connecting my Zune because I just plain old forgot to.

    I highly doubt this is any hardware fault, but I fear that the .inf file was placed into a cache or something somewhere that I don't know about. Also, the Zune connects and then disconnects before Device Manager even updates or displays it, so I cannot gain access to it if Windows automatically attempts to install a driver. My primary question is how to disable this or have it not affect this.
  5. kimsland

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    Stupid Windows automatic plug and play, drives me crazy sometimes.

    You may be able to update from the correct inf file (and all the drivers) in Safe mode, pointing directly to the correct driver folder, where ever that is.
    Maybe the CD

    This page talks about creating another user (instead of Safe mode) to install the driver
  6. ferrari24

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    Alright, I booted into safe mode and connected my Zune. The driver problem did not occur, as it was correctly installed and visible in the Device Manager.

    Perhaps it is the Zune Bus Enumerator program?
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