PPSee is a software for creating picture galleries of photos taken by the digital camera, scanner etc. It also makes possible to view pictures. The created photo album can be used on your computer, however it is designed mainly for display on the Internet. Instead of photos attached to e-mails, you'd better send a link to your own web pages!
The Best Features:

* the program uses national languages.
* the photo album provides automatic picture projection - slide show
* to move among the pictures in the photo album you can use navigation keys.
* each of the pictures can contain your description, which is saved for later use.
* you can rotate images without any modification of the original file
* photo album is based on a valid code XHTML 1.0 Strict
* the photo album does not need support from any server.
* the program has many attributes affecting the look of the created photo album.
* support of the scripting language BeanShell for greater latitude when creating the photo album.
* you can create their own templates of the photo album.
* registered users can use a batch mode from a command line
* the program can read EXIF information.
* the program runs on the systems such as Windows, Linux, MacOS, OS/2 and Solaris, as well as the photo album.
* registered users can also use new versions of the program.
* the author does not insert into program any form of malware, including: spyware, trojans and backdoors