The BigBlogZoo is the World's First Semantic Browser

Become a part of the new semantic web, while you save time and effort by having only current information that has been rigorously categorized.

Imagine if you crossed a browser with a television, and added a thriving communitry, what would you get? The BigBlogZoo.

Wouldn't it be great if the internet had channels? Well here they are, nearly 80,000 of them.

Wouldn't it be great if you could create a channel? Well submit your channel.

Wouldn't it be great if you could save your searches? Try the semantic search.

Wouldn't be great if you had your own spider so you could gather breaking news for your website? Your own spider is included.

The Zoo

* a. The Zoo is a collection of nearly 80,000 Categorised Newsfeeds and Blogs. We call these "Channels".
* b. Context information about the Channel is shown here. In this example the link for the article "Ten-run rule getting a workout at tourney" is shown.
* c. You can open other saved instances of the BigBlogZoo.
* d. This is the save button for the BigBlogZoo
* e. This is save-as button for the the BigBlogZoo
* f. The BigBlogZoo has a central database where new channels are stored. When you press this button you synchronise the BigBlogZoo, meaning that you request all the new channels that other members of the zoo have recently submitted.
* g. Here you can submit a channel into the BigBlogZoo.
* h. This button will show you when articles have been updated.
* i. This is a category.
* j. This is the title of a channel.
* k. This is the language of a channel.
* l. This is the description of the channel.
* m. This is the url of the channel. Double to click on this to refresh the channel. When there is a little plus to the left of the channel you can merely expand the channel. A refresh fetches fresh information from the source while expanding shows you the articles from the last refresh.
* n. This is the first and normally the latest article in the channel. The little white tick mark indicates that you have read this articles.
* o. These are more articles, the plus sign indicates that you have not read these articles.

The Zoo - Continued

* The Zoo can be browsed or spidered.
* The Spider crawls into the directories that you tell it to. For example if you start the spider on the category health, then it will crawl through every subdirectory. The BigBlogZoo comes with two spiders, the News-Spider and the Search-Spider.
* a. The News-Spider looks for articles that it has never encountered and copies them to the hits screen.
* b. The Search-Spider is a little more discriminating, it looks for articles that meet certain criteria. For example if you are looking for articles about the space shuttle, you could ask the Search-Spider to return all articles with the word shuttle in them and send it looking in the news directory or perhaps the science directory.