Computer and home networks are becoming more and more popular. Every adult has a laptop, children have game computers; computer-based media-centers are also becoming a common thing. Some advanced users go even further: old jokes about married couples that communicate over e-mail or instant messengers have become a reality

Moving from one PC to another takes too much time and distracts from the main objective. Also please note that your favorite and the most ergonomic and smooth mouse in the world, as well as the most modern and multi-functional multimedia keyboard are connected only to one computer. In light of this, using any other computer can make you feel uncomfortable and uneasy. That is why working with other computers without leaving your own favorite chair and tuned PC makes a lot of sense. It becomes even more reasonable when the remote PC you need to manage is located on other floor, or in another building or even in another country.

We often need to install software on several computers. For example, you might install the latest antivirus utility or database on your laptop, your wife's laptop and your child's games computer...oh (I almost forgot!) and to the family medi a-center in the living room. What would you suggest in such situation? Copy the software to a diskette and go to every machine? It is so tiresome and boring, besides, I don't recall my wife's laptop even has a disk drive!

The modern solution looks like this: from your PC you connect to other computers using Remote Desktop Control software. You can connect to one computer at a time or simultaneously connect to all of them. Simply run the installation file in every machine, and that's all! You won't even have to leave your cozy chair

What's New:

Remote Assistance process is much easier now than ever before.
To support remote user just send him special link via e-mail.You can get this link by clicking “Add New PC” button in the Admin Module. When user clicks this link, his PC automatically appears in your Admin’s address book and you can access it remotely. That’s it! The user doesn’t need to do anything more. It is so easy now that it is hard to believe it is possible. One-click remote assistance is real now! Just try it with the new version.

Total compatibility with Windows 7.
Hundreds of work hours were required to develop and test Remote Desktop Control product totally compatible with all editions of Windows 7 (including 64-bit versions). Updating operation system our users will not worry about compatibility.

Press “Ctrl+Alt+Del” on the Windows 7 remote PC.
Working under Windows 7 – compatible version we also developed ability to send Ctlr+Alt+Del keystroke to Windows 7 remote PC. Now you can easily log into remote Windows 7 PC when it requests to press Alt+Ctrl+Del for login.

Support of multi-monitor systems (when two or more monitors are plugged to the same Host PC).
Users who like to work with two monitors or more (designers, developers, etc.) can enjoy multi-monitor support now. This ability is implemented in the Remote Desktop Control 3.0. Any remote monitor (or all of them together) can be displayed on then Admin’s screen.

Text Chat between Admin and Host users.
Communication between Admin and Host users is vital part of remote support and assistance. You were obliged to use third party communication software like Skype… Until now. Version 3.0 contains build-in Text Chat. Chat should be initiated by Admin user and is very simple to use.

Ability to have your own self-hosted Online Gateway Server.
Good news for the companies who like our Online Gateway Connection service but don’t wish to initiate connection between their PCs via our servers, who need total autonomy form our service or who don’t wish to pay annual fees for the service. On your request we can provide you with Unlimited Corporate version of Remote Desktop Control, which not only allows to connect to unlimited number of PCs, but this package doesn’t require annual payments and allows to have your own (self-hosted) Gateway server.

New licensing model.
In the past we offered only one licensing model: you pay for the quantity of remote computers you want to control remotely. Separate license was required for each remote PC. But what if you are a helpdesk firm and you need to support your customers remotely? Perhaps you have new customer every day and it is not a good idea to purchase new license for each new customer you wish to support. So now we offer alternative licensing model “per Admin seats” where you can pay for Admin PCs only and have ability to control unlimited number of remote Host users without need to purchase Host licenses. So, only Admin PCs require license, but not remote Host PCs. Please contact us for more details about this new licensing model.

Improved interface and usability.
The software interface looks much better now. With modern Windows 7- style interface the software looks awesome and is more user friendly now!

Connection via Proxy.
Good news for the companies and users who use Proxy server for Internet connection. Remote Desktop Control 3.0 allows easily connect with remote computer using Proxy server. All you need now is to check “Connect via Proxy” option on the Online Account login screen and enter Proxy server details. The software will do the rest: connection via Proxy will be established.

Press “Alt+Tab” keystroke on the remote PC.
New version allows pressing Alt+Tab keystroke on remote PC that allows you to easily switch between applications on the remote desktop. Use corresponding menu command of the Remote Screen window to press Alt+Tab on the remote PC.

Displaying of semi-transparent elements of the remote desktop.
With previous version Admin-users faced with inconvenience when some semi-transparent elements of remote desktop were invisible in Admin’s Remote Screen: for example some buttons of MS Word. The new version displays all elements of remote desktop.

Remote installation of Host Module with custom options preset.
If you are system administrator and you need to install Remote Desktop Control to many remote PCs in your domain, you should not spend time for visiting each remote PC individually. Remote Installation tool, included into the Admin module, allows to install Host module on many computers simultaneously. Previous version didn’t allow to set options of Host module which you wanted to apply for remote PCs (for example “Hide tray icon” etc) beforehand. With new versions there are no any limits anymore. Any settings can be established previously by Admin and applied on remote Host PC automatically after the installation.

Ability to create silent installation package of Host Module with custom settings.
If you contact dummy user with request to install Host Module on his PC, it could be a good idea to provide him with totally silent (one-click) installation package which doesn’t require from user to enter any data during installation process. It would be great if required custom options, such as password, account name etc. where applied automatically. With Remote Desktop Control 3.0 it is real now! Using special tool included into Admin module you can create any customized installation package which can be used for one-click silent installation. Distribute such silent installation package between your customers and save you time: no need to instruct dummy users how to install Host Module on their PCs.

Detailed info about Host PC in the Admin’s address book
New Admin Module displays some important details about remote computer in the address book. These are: domain name, IP address, user name, Windows version, etc. All these details give to Admin a complite picture of the remote computer and its configuration.

Disabling of Windows visual effects to improve connection speed
In order to speed-up performance of remote desktop connection you can disable Windows visual effects on the remote PC for remote assistance session. Such effects as Windows Theme, desktop background, etc. can be disabled on the remote PC that reduce the network traffic and speeds up the connection as a result. It greatly helps in the case of slow Internet connection or mobile Internet out of good signal zone.

Ability to disable Direct Connection mode for security purposes
Although Direct Connection mode is protected by Access Password, in some cases you could like to disable this type of connection for the Host PC and leave Online Gateway service as a single option for remote access to that Host. Corporate users like this ability, especially if they use their own Online Gateway Server located in their isolated corporate network.

Software customization on your request.
Another good news that we can customize Remote Desktop Software according to your needs: change existing features, add your logo to the software interface or quickly develop any new function on your request. In most cases new features are developed during one or two days. We charge for custom development on per-hour base and our prices are really low. For example we can add your logo and brand name to the software for 50$ only.

bility to disable File Transfer in the settings of Host PC.
If you are a Host-user, who require remote assistance but you doubt the decency of remote IT-specialist, you can optionally disable remote access to your files and clipboard to prevent a theft of your sensitive data by remote IT-guy during the process of remote support. Remote IT-specialist will be able to control your desktop remotely but this process is under you control and no-one will be able to steal your files.

ost User’s permission is required for Admin action.
This new option is disabled by default but can be easily enabled with Host Module settings. This greatly increase the security of Host Computer as remote Admin user will be unable to do anything with your Host computer without your permission. An attempt of remote Admin to perform any operation on your PC will be accompanied by request to accept or cancel his attempt.

Password for Online Account connection is not required.
In the previous version it was not very comfortable to enter 2 different passwords in order to connect to remote PC: the first is Online Account password to log into Online Account and the second is Access Password to access individual remote PC. In new version you are not able to enter Access Password when you connect to remote PC from your Account. It is secure enough to use one password only. This option is enabled by default in version 3.x. But if you still want to use 2 different passwords, you can activate Access Password in Host module’s settings. Note: in Direct Connection mode Access Password is always used and can’t be disabled.

Admin users with individual credentials and permissions.
This feature is available in Unlimited Corporate Edition and it allows creating several admin users for online gateway connection. Each user will log into Online Account with his personal login and password. Main administrator of the company can grant secondary admin users with permissions to access remote Host computers. So one Host PC can be allowed to access for one Admin but can be disallowed to access for another Admin.

Detailed report about any operations performed by Admin user on the Host PC.
This new feature is included into Unlimited Corporate edition of Remote Desktop Control. It allows you to create report for any period of time concerning any actions performed by Admin users on the remote Host PCs. Such operations as File Transfers, Remote Desktop sessions and its durations are logged. Using this report your company can set salary to Admin users based on the time they spend to support remote users. Or you can bill you customer providing him the report about your actions performed during remote assistance session.

The speed of connection via Online Account has been improved a lot.
If you connect to remote PC, the software tries to establish peer-2-pper connection with remote PC instead of using Gateway Server. It is much more faster than it was in previous version when connection and traffic flow were performed via Gateway Server only. New version automatically detects the fastest connection way.

Remote Screen Scaling option improved – quality and performance.
New version allows to use any scaling factor for displaying remote screen: for example if remote screen is smaller than your local, the software can enlage the image of remote desktop to the whole your screen. Also the quality of scaling has been improved and looks very smooth now.

One-click version of Admin module that doesn’t require installation
When you will need urgent access to remote PC, just run this portable version of Admin module and instantly get access to remote PC via Online Account. No need to spend the time for installation: just run it from our web-site