More then 7000 weather stations works day and night all around the World.
Now you can get a real-time meteo data from all of them.
You can get also a history of meteo data for the past 1 - 60 hours.
Care about your family, make a business trip, land a plane, sail anywhere safely!

How to use it:

  • Double click on a worldmap for a list of a nearest stations;
  • Double click (or press Enter) in a list at a station you are interesting for;
  • You will get a past 6 hours of meteodata for that station;
  • Then you will getting the new meteodata every 10 - 60 minutes (depending of station) automatically;
  • Use "Mark all stations" button for show all stations on the world map as a red points;
  • Use "Show all stations table" button for show a list of all stations;
  • Use "Find station" button for finding a station by a part of the name or by the ICAO code;

Parameters dialog:

  • Select a meteo data to show on a diagramm: temperature, pressure, wind speed, wind direction;
  • Set a USA style (Fahrenheit etc) or European style (Celsius etc);
  • Change the past time to show in a range of 1 to 60 hours;
  • Change the distance for looking around the double-clicked point on a world map (in minutes, 1 minute = 1 naut. mile);
  • Set write or not a meteodata for the current station to a txt file;


  • The changes you have made in a meteo part of Parameters dialog will be shown for the next opened station;
  • In a list of stations use keys: "Home" for go to top, "End" for go to bottom, "Page Up", "Page Down" for scrolling, "Enter" for select a station;
  • Quickly select one of the last stations in menu "File";
  • Click a header of column in a stations list for sortinig a list by that column;