A single COM port can be accessed by multiple computers in the network, no matter where the port is actually located. With COM Port Redirector by Electronic Team there is no problem of working with remote serial devices - be it a modem or any other kind of equipment that uses serial ports for communicating with a PC. Remote and virtual serial ports and devices will be treated by your apps as if they were plugged directly into your machine.

Looking for integration options?

Whether you're looking at redistributing our Serial port redirection engine as a part of your product or considering Serial over Ethernet software for an enterprise-wide deployment, we offer flexible and affordable corporate solutions designed to meet your needs.

With Serial Port Redirector you can

Redirect serial ports over TCP/IP network (Server)

Server listens for incoming connections from clients and redirects local COM ports - either real or virtual - over Ethernet. Any application that can initialize outgoing connection to TCP/IP server can be a client. A single COM port can be redirected to multiple clients at the same time, and each of them can transmit data to their local serial port, while Serial Port Redirector will gather all the data on the server.

Connect to serial ports remotely (Client)

Once a client connection is created, data transmitted by a local serial port is redirected to the remote server over TCP/IP protocol. You need to specify the IP address (or the network name) of a remote server and TCP port to connect to, it is not required to install COM Port Redirector on the remote server. Once your machine and a remote server are connected, your local serial port will receive all the data sent from the remote end.

Utilize UDP for data transfer

Serial port data can be redirected over UDP/IP transport protocol and broadcast over a local network. COM Port Redirector installation is not required at the remote end. You can choose either RAW data transmission algorithm or Telnet (RFC 2217) as a protocol for transmitting the data.

Serial Port Redirector for Linux OS

COM Port Redirector (Serial to Ethernet Connector) is a cross-platform solution, it now has a command-line version for Linux OS. You can designate a Linux machine as a server and Windows machine as a client, or the other way around. Serial Port Redirector for Linux supports data transmission over UDP.

COM Port Redirector full features list

  • No limitation on the quantity of virtual serial ports or connections created (except your system resources)
  • Manage port signal lines states in connections
  • Verify connection's integrity by using "send command to keep connection alive" feature
  • Set pauses after which all received data is sent to remote end when using UDP as underlayer protocol
  • Share your serial ports and devices with others over TCP/IP network
  • Both TCP/IP and UDP/IP protocols are supported
  • Easily connect to remote computer using TCP/IP Telnet protocol, with the RFC 2217 Telnet extensions for COM Port Control
  • Share an unlimited number of serial ports simultaneously for remote connections
  • Serial port names are not restricted to COMxx only and may have virtually any name
  • High speed data exchange from/to virtual serial port (up to 256 Kbits)