Alternatively you can download the latest beta version of this software.

Seashore is an open source image editor for Cocoa. It features gradients, textures and anti-aliasing for both text and brush strokes. It supports multiple layers and alpha channel editing. It is based around the GIMP's technology and uses the same native file format.

What's New:

- Adds Sharpen plug-in
- Adds the lasso tool
- Fixes colour-distortion when loading Windows Bitmaps on Mac OS 10.4
- Fixes a bug when drawing in the alpha channel of greyscale images
- Fixes a bug in the Brightness and Contrast plug-in when working with the primary or alpha channels
- Fixes a bug that causes bright colours when using the Posterize plug-in
- Fixes a bug that may cause the thumbnail of greyscale images to not update correctly on Mac OS 10.4
- Fixes a bug with Brushed that caused it not to display the preview on Mac OS 10.4
- Adds rounded rectangle selections
- Adds the ability to flip and rotate entire images
- Adds brush scaling for pressure-sensitive drawing
- Adds pressure-sensitive and fading options for the eraser
- Adds ability to scale SVG/PDF content upon importing
- Adds a scrolling mode when the space bar is held down
- Adds read-only support for GIF image format
- Makes Seashore G3-compatible by making the AltiVec compositor a plug-in.