Turn any networked device into a remote

Turn your Sony PSP, PDA, laptop, Mac, PC or any other networked hardware into a music remote. PlayerPal even has 3 skins optimised for different devices.

Create your own home or office jukebox

PlayerPal turns your PC's music player (iTunes or WMP) into a web jukebox. Great for sharing control of the office stereo or having wireless control of your home music system.

Control your music from any web browser

PlayerPal gives you control of iTunes and Windows Media Player from Internet Explorer, Firefox, Opera, Safari, Pocket IE the Sony PSP browser and many more.

See your music with the cover art

Liberate your music from those dull lists. Organise your music as albums and display it with glorious cover art. Get back some of the goodness of a record or CD collection.

- .NET Framework
- iTunes or Windows Media Player