ePigeon Instant Messaging software includes a full range of tools necessary to communicate effectively. The full system consists of an ePigeon Server, several ePigeon Clients with the ability to receive and/or send messages, along with a number of ePigeon Generators on option, to compose messages from third party applications. An ActiveX control is also available to integrate message creation directly from your applications.


* Messages can either be sent to all users or exclusively to designated users. They can be sent to one or more workstations, or to one or more users, to one or more groups of users (domain groups, ePigeon groups or personal groups), to an IP address or a range of IP addresses, or any combination of the above.
* Messages can be defined as being aimed exclusively to connected users, or to both connected users and users who will connect later on. Messages can be defined to be read just once, or to appear every time a client logs on to the server.
* With ePigeon, you can easily change, cancel and/or re-submit your messages in order to request fast reactions from addressees.
* With ePigeon, you can schedule the time and date for your messages to be broadcast. You can also create messages that will repeat at given intervals. You can even set an expiry date after which a message will no longer be displayed.