Oxygen Phone Manager II for Symbian OS phones 2.8

Oxygen Phone Manager II for Symbian OS phones lets your PC and mobile phone with Symbian OS communicate with each other.


Quick Facts

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The program allows you to work with Phonebook, Calendar, Images, Melodies and Messages. You can load your phonebook from phone, edit contacts, set individual contact picture and ringtone, define Full Name format individually for each contact, pack contacts database, import data from MS Outlook, WAB (Windows address book) and export the phonebook back to MS Outlook, WAB, and other popular formats.

What's New:

- Added support for Nokia 6680.
- Added support for Nokia 7710.
- Added support for Nokia 3230.
- Improved virtual port search for Microsoft and Widcomm Bluetooth drivers.
- Options: Manual Bluetooth COM port setting removed to simplify connection setup. Now you only need to select the Bluetooth driver you want to use.
- Options: Now only installed Bluetooth drivers are enabled for selection.
- Options: If specific Bluetooth driver is installed but have no virtual COM ports it's enabled for selection but draws as disabled.
- Improved Bluetooth connection error processing.
- Phone Information: Added ability to load phone images from file and from Oxygen Phone Manager web site.
- Phonebook: Now import from vCard files (*.vcf) can import several contacts from one vCard file. This feature can be useful for Palm owners to transfer contacts from Palm to phone.
- Phonebook: Added support for Nickname, UserID, WebCall and VideoCall fields.
- Phonebook: Fixed bug in speed dial writing.
- VCard: Big picture field is now enabled for all Series 60 models. We have been asked about it because this field is supported by SymbianWare Full Screen Caller for Nokia Series 60.
- VCard: Added support for Nickname, UserID, WebCall and VideoCall fields.
- VCard: All fields are allowed for input, but the fields not supported by current phone model draw with color specified for "Items not stored in phone" in Options.
- Main menu: Added "Languages" -> "Download additional languages..." menu item.
- Added ability to cancel file upload.
- Phone images library is now excluded from installation package to reduce its size. You can either load images when needed using "Download picture" link in Phone Information window, or download and install Oxygen Phone Manager images library available at http://www.opm-2.com/download/symbian_pictures.exe.
- Fixed bug with "Monitor program found on your computer" on some Windows 98 machines.
- Phonebook: When sorting by Name column, Prefix and Suffix fields are ignored.
- Phonebook: Fixed bug with Prefix and Suffix fields handling for Nokia 9500/9300.
- Messaging: Added ability to select SMS Center when creating new message or replying/forwarding.
- Splash window: Fixed bug with displaying international symbols.
- Gallery: Bug fixed: Files information in main Gallery window was not updated after reading all Gallery files.
- Gallery: Current extension is always preserved when renaming file (e.g. if you renamed "image.gif" to "newimage.bmp", the new file will be "newimage.bmp.gif").
- Gallery: Showing system "Open with..." dialog when trying to open file having no associated program.
- Gallery: Now you can cancel files write and delete process by pressing Esc.
- Gallery: Now you can drag&drop files between folders via Phone Explorer(tm).
- Gallery: Expanded/collapsed state now preserved for all nodes in Phone Explorer(tm) after reading, adding or deleting Gallery folders.
- Messaging: Added export messages feature to HTML, SYLK, DIFF, RTF, XML, DBF etc.