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This award winning, customizable multi-search engine has been described as the FASTEST no-nonsense meta search for the net. It runs on any MS Windows desktop and works with as many sources as selected by the user. By utilizing the resources of the desktop, FirstStop WebSearch; offers custom viewing of results, sorts by columns, saves as XML or HTML files, and keyword history searches.


· A new real-time filter displays your search results in an efficient graphic display that can be best described as an inverted tree with branches. Each branch of the tree shows your search results sorted and grouped by words and phrases most frequently found in your search results and can be easily viewed by a simple click of the mouse. This quick look view provided by the "Discovery Tree" makes a large number of search results manageable by its interactive design for sorting and its side-by-side detail view. .
· Query Builder ( Deluxe and Visual Edition Only)
· An exciting new feature is the ability for the user to conduct an advanced search without any knowledge of "Boolean" operators or complex database language. The FirstStop Query Builder lets the user use a simple Wizard to fill in the search criteria. As the user enters the information, the FirstStop Query Builder dynamically builds the query with all the proper syntax. The user can actually watch the query being built and changed as the search criteria is entered and modified.
· Thumbnails (Visual Edition Only)
· FirstStop WebSearch™ Visual Edition Version can display search results and favorite bookmarks as collections of thumbnail images. The visual presentation of search results increases users success rates and efficiency, as they utilize visual recollection to identify relevant information and eliminate unwanted results.
· Query Library
· FirstStop WebSearch™ now has a "Query History" window that shows past search results. With a simple double click the user can bring up previous search results, or with a right mouse button click, the user can search the web and update* a previous result. Also with a right mouse button click, the user can modify* the search criteria or delete the search all together.
· Advanced Filter* (Deluxe and Visual Edition Only)
· Due to popular demand we have added the ability to enter Boolean expressions in the results filter. "Advanced Filter" provides the user with the power to form arbitrary Boolean expressions containing the keywords AND, OR, and NOT, quoted and grouped with parentheses.
· Save and Export Search Results
· The user can save search results in a Web Search Results (.wsr) file format. When FirstStop WebSearch™ is installed, the installation program will setup a file association for any file with the .wsr file extension. This allows the user to click on any .wsr file and it will automatically launch FirstStop WebSearch™ and load the results file.
· The user may also export the search results in a variety of file formats that allow the search results to be used almost anywhere. Current file formats supported for export: Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), Word*, Excel*, and Comma Separated Values (CSV).

What's New:
· Improved search engine specification allows users to work with more search engine types and obtain increased detail level of search results.
· Improved support for international characters and non-English language searches.
· Handy desktop search bar provides users with a quick way to start searches whenever you need it without having to launch FirstStop WebSearch.
· New Discovery Tree enhancements help break down search results not only by keywords and phrases but also by domains, countries, and search sources

· Intro Screen (Standard Edition and Visual Edition).
· Merge result lists from the Query History (Deluxe Edition and Visual Edition).
· Improved format of results exported to Microsoft Word (Deluxe Edition and Visual Edition).
· New "RSS Feeds & Blogs" search category (Deluxe Edition and Visual Edition).