A user can then play and download MP3s and AACs music files.

If ourTunes doesn't see any hosts, make sure you're not on a wireless network, that seems to give it some trouble. If that doesn't fix it, we're sorry, we're working on it.

• You need to be on a network with other people who have iTunes sharing turned on for ourTunes to be at all useful
• The search box is not enabled unless ourTunes sees at least one host
• As for updates ... we're swamped with work this quarter and probably won't be updating OT until mid-december ... this means passworded hosts are on hold for now .. We're also going to be really bad about responding to emails .. sorry, sorry
• If you want to look at the ourTunes source, download the .jar and unzip it, either with the "jar" program that comes bundled with java, or rename it to a .zip and just use a standard unzip program. All the source files are in there.

What's New:

· More consistent UI
· The "Play" button works again
· Slightly better memory management
· Some tweeks for faster searching
· You can now pause connecting.