PELock 1.06

Exe-protector and advanced license key system


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PELock - is an application that allows you to protect Windows executable files (so called exe-protector). Besides that, PELock allows easy creation of application of evaluation-demo type, which use license key system.

PELock features:

- Compression of the application (code, imports, resources), it's possible to decrease executable size even 70% of original file
- Encryption of code (publicly available cryptographic algorithms and algorithms build polymorphic ally)
- Reorganization of basic PE EXE structures in order to assure better ratio during compression
- Deletion of unnecessary structures in executable file (relocations, debug info)
- Protection against cracks and loaders
- Protection against debuggers (SoftICE, TRW, Turbo Debugger...)
- Protection against code tracing
- Counteraction to dumping application memory with the tools like ProcDump, LordPE...
- Application integrity check
- Many anty-debug and anty-trace tricks
- Advanced import table protection (so called "api redirection")
- Application password protection
- Simple in use license key system
- Application password protection
- API system which allows communication between application and license key system
- Creation and verification of registration keys using public keys encryption algorithms (RSA)
- Ability to create trial keys and hardware dependent keys
- Keeping of the database and checkup of "stolen" (illegal) registration keys
- Ready to use samples of license key system in C/C++/Delphi
- User-friendly interface
- Many option, which allow you the customize protection to your needs
- Entire thing written in assembler (win32asm)
- Compatibility with all operating systems Windows 95/98/ME/NT/2K/XP