It offers all the expected newsreader functionality: easy-to-navigate threaded discussions, the ability to ignore annoying posters, multiple signature management, and easy, Mail-like posting with spell checking and all the trimmings.

Unison features a unique four-view interface that lets you view and work with Usenet group content in four distinct styles: messages, files, images, or music.

It lets you preview MP3 files directly off a Usenet server, view images in an elegant iPhoto-like thumbnail view, prioritize transfers with a flexible downloads manager, find favorites quickly with a categorized column-view interface, smartly group files into meta-groups (like songs into albums), show download status beautifully in the dock, and much more.


  • Four Ways To Browse
  • Messages, files, music, and photos at their best
  • Easy and Powerful
  • That famous Panic mix: power and elegance!
  • Live MP3 Streaming
  • Preview audio files directly off your server!
  • Image Thumbnails + Groups
  • Download, preview, and view tons of images
  • Breakthrough File Grouping
  • Not just parts into files, but files into file groups
  • Message Threading
  • Incredibly easy parsing of lengthy discussions
  • Dock Status
  • See your active downloads at a dock*glance
  • Signatures
  • Your favorite Monty Python quote on each post
  • Quick Search
  • Type a few words to zero in on what you want!
  • Easy Server Setup
  • Quickly switch between news servers
  • Customizable Favorites
  • Just draganddrop to arrange your favorites
  • Group Browser
  • Use the column view to quickly find groups.

What's New:

  • Fixed PPC hanging and instability issues, due to a compiler bug
  • Improved database performance
  • Fixed some hanging issues on slower machines
  • Fixed occasional crash changing password in server prefs
  • Added possible fix for mystery crasher
  • Fixed corruption of restarted downloads
  • Fixed problem with SSL connections never timing out and getting stuck in "stalled"
  • Fixed decoding of HTML messages in threaded view
  • Fixed message decoding for multipart/alternative segments inside a multipart/mixed segment
  • If operation queue can't connect to the server and the error is retryable, we now requeue operation and try 30 seconds later
  • PAR2 slice size is now flexible so that we no longer have > 32,767 slices
  • Number bubbles are now grey when app is inactive