In SafeTweak XP 235 settings are available categorized into 32 categories.


* All settings information is available so detail, thus ease you to decide whether you will apply a setting or not.
* Auto-select feature make it easy to explore all settings offered.
* All categories icons are taken directly within your Windows XP. This is so useful when an icon look is changed as you updated your Windows XP.
* Main window can be maximized. This make ease for your eyes.
* Log feature make you can keep track to all the changes you have made. The log can also be exported to a html file.
* Written in C++ programming language so it is extremely fast and less resources used.
* And maybe even more...


* All computers with Microsoft Windows XP Home Edition or Professional operating system with Service Pack 1 or higher, with Administrator type user account.
* Monitor and graphic card that can display 800x600 pixels screen resolution.
* Internet connection for trial version first time run.

What's New:
* Change an UI color of help file, Change an UI color of exported log file

* Change domain to
* Much more comprehensive help file
* Add partial related screenshot to Miscellaneous Cleaner
* Add help button to all dialog
* Change trial period to 15 days
* Change EULA, Readme
* Change installer looks.