Drag & drop your images onto or into DoubleTake, arrange then, check the overlaps. When you are done - save and perhaps copy and paste the result to iPhoto.

DoubleTake is simple enough to not require a manual, but a few annotaded screen shots highlight the few main points.

__What's New:__

* New: added the menu option to turn stitching off. This is useful for photomontages where the blends don't make sense
* New: added the menu option to snap images to edges when draggging. This is useful for photomontages.
* Changed: when dropping images one at a time, the place the image is dropped becomes its initial position. This is useful for photomontages and for better manual control of. If dropped on top of existing images DoubleTake will try to find a more appropriate spot.
* Changed: images are now drawn in the order they have been last selected. Useful when stitching is turned off.
* Fixed: crash when stitching images of different size (likely for photomontages)