Mail.appetizer 1.2b4 for Mac OS X

Have a look at your incoming email without switching to Mail.


Quick Facts

Older Mac OS
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Mail.appetizer is a plug-in for Apple's Mail and integrates seamlessly.

The moment a new message is received, Mail.appetizer displays an onscreen notification window. It gives you a brief summary of the message, so you can determine whether the message requires your immediate attention.

What's New:

Fixes another bug with the 'Hide in Mail' option.
Compatible with Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger).
The notification window can be dragged and resized at any time.
Mini toolbar with buttons for Close, Delete, Open in Mail and Mark as read.
Custom message headers.
Quotation levels.
Option to limit quotation levels.
Messages can be revealed in Mail's main message viewer.
Option to select the mailboxes you want to receive notifications for.
Option to hide the notification window when Mail is the active application.
Less usage of Mail's private internal methods.
Better compatibility with GUI enhancements (like WindowShade X) and dual-display setups.
Universal Binary for both, PowerPC and Intel microprocessors.